Anything lamp Kit

Anything lamp Kit

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DIY LAMP KIT with 15 pieces

Super easy to use DIY kit that you can use in various ways to make a fantastic array of different lamps.

I've lost count of the amount of times people have asked me about lamp parts because they have had problems with cheap parts they have bought which don't match each other or don't work properly. If you've ever tried making a lamp you will know there are various items you need to source for your lamp to work correctly and safely  - and they all have to match!

The Salvage Sister takes all the uncertainty out of buying lamp parts  - she has spent a great deal of time perfecting all the parts in this kit, including the detailed step by step instructions so you can concentrate on making beautiful, safe lamps not getting super frustrated!

 used at all my lamp making workshops, I have helped hundreds of people create awe inspiring lamps from all sorts of different items. Check out the images to see all the lamps made with this kit 

please note payment is for the Kit and the photos are to inspire you and what you can use, eg oil cans,radio,football helemets, the choices are endless.


After being asked repeatedly over the years how to make a lamp safely I decided I had to source all the parts you need to make an awesome lamp and create an instruction manual because there were too many people to help and only one of me!

Technical specification 

All parts are made to British Standard and are made with 3 cores for UK mains electricity - meaning they are earthed.

When you purchase your lamp kits you will also receive a downloadable step by step guide with everything you need to know to make amazing lamps yourself at home. Kits are designed to be used by adults, anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult. The Salvage Sister accepts no responsibility for the misuse of lighting parts and accessories. Keep small parts out of reach of small children.

Tools are not included.


Artist Charis Williams,You may recognise her from television shows such as ‘Get The Builders in’ on BBC One, 'Fill Your House for Free' on Channel 4 or ’The New Reclaimers on UKTVHome. 


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