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Week 72 Bobbetts Blog, Virtual vision.

We are still in semi lockdown with things slowly getting back to normal.

This week I have been concentrating on finishing the French Dresser, but also getting ready for our Angel and Rose virtual craft fair.

The craft fair organisers adapted their business into a weekly virtual fair, We thought we would get behind this new way of business and this weekend was our first one.

A bit more work has gone on with extending the studios foundations, unfortunately due to bad weather, this is gone much slower than planned.

Tonia is still self isolating but has been progressing with her miniatures.

It's been a strange weeks with lots of challenges but progress can be seen.

First I have not quite finished the dresser but it has come a long way from last week, I'm loving it.

This piece is not for sale as it is a home project

So this is how last week the dresser was left.

I decided to leave the top wooden

I then decided to paint the cupboard door grey

I then decided to add decoupage the doors

So this is how far I have got with piece I am going to distress it and have a go adding a dark wax.

As I was so pleased with it I decided to use it in setting up a stand for our first Virtual craft fair under our new Brand name Angel and Rose interiors.

Here's what this part of the businesses is all about.

Angel and Rose is the collaboration of Corcyra & Phil Angel and Tonia Rose Butter.

Having a real love for anything arty crafty they produce a weekly blog - The Bobbetts.

Corcyra and Phil run The Best of British Boutique and Tonia runs Utopian Gifts. They decided to come together and create The Angel and Rose collection which is purely showcasing interior pieces, from small accessories to Bespoke lighting and Furniture. An eclectic mix of upcycled interior design all handmade in the Surrey Hills, Angel and Rose undertake commission work and the work can be viewed soon in the studio workshop, The House of B.O.B from September in Gomshall please book an appointment, to visit in advance.Inspiration for Our work comes from a mix of wanting to breathe life into what would be a discarded objects and using nature and quirky design to complete our pieces. Every piece can be called bespoke as each item is hand produced and re-purposed,

And most of all we love what we do, we hope you like it too?

Here's the dresser being used as a prop for our stand.

We will be taking part in more of these events for updates keep an eye out on our Facebook page.

Or to see more about our products go to.

We will be adding a lot more pieces next week.

Tonia this week has again done a few miniatures for her Dolls House Project.

From tiny rugs to vases, picture frames and drawers with books in lockdown it is certainly keeping her busy.

The House of B.O.B took a slow down turn this week due to the weather,

A bit more on the foundation and retaining wall has been done.

That's it from us this week, we hope you have enjoyed it?

Corcyra and Tonia the Bobbetts ( Angel and Rose )

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