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Week 65 Bobbetts Blog freaks and Mews

So it is the end of April 2020 and we are on our 5th blog of the lockdown. The days are blurring and I have to look at my mobile to see what days we on Friday ?? I'm sure it's Saturday? As a parent I'm trying to cope with home school which I must say is the worst part of all of this as having a 13 year old that is only interested in their X box, parents I feel the pain 😭

Tonia and I have messages going backwards and forwards on what we have been upto, thank god for mobile phones.

Last week as you may remember I started working on a very large project a cabinet for the new House of BoB, which hasn't got much further with the build.

So this week I have been focused on doing more to the Freak show cabinet.

Here's where I left it last week.

This week I have been concentrating on the detail

First I decided to work on the curtains adding glamour to them. I wanted a vintage glamour theatre look.

So I used some gold paint to create the swags

Already this started to give the piece more life, I also wanted a chequer board stage floor to give it that Alice in Wonderland circus feel.

I added the flooring to the front of the cabinet to give it a 3d effect, I have also decided to rub the floor back once painted as it just looks too new and I want to give the whole thing a more aged look

I ordered some trim from good old Amazon in the week for the pelmet and had this cheeky monkey hanging around to be used.

I stapled the trim to the pelmet very easy to do with a staple gun

I'm still unsure about the background of the cabinet, I'm waiting on some printer ink and need to do some experimenting so possibly this could be next week's blog focus?

So far this is it and I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm going to have glass shelves cut once I can get to our local glass specialist.

For now it is finished.

My freak show circus theatre inspired jewellery cabinet to hold unusual creations to be admired…..

Tonia this week has been looking at novel ways of upcycling off cuts of timbers.

She decided to cut them in to block shape pieces.

She also washed the wood with paint using an ice cream palette

Tonia went for different heights to create interest in her design and for the roofs of her cottages she used some wood she found in the garden, giving it a driftwood feel almost thatched look.

She then added detailing such as doors and windows with a marker pen and fixed all the pieces together

Tonia added more detail with chimneys and a tree all from upcycled bits and bobs , it's amazing what you can make from almost nothing and some imagination.

Here it is finished

This mini sculpture really reminds me of the Mews in London,


Well that's it for this week, stay safe and keep crafting.

We have no news on our events or changes so we will keep you posted.

That's it for this week

Corcyra and Tonia The Bobbetts, Angel and Rose.

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