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Week 60, Bobbetts Blog, Tropical tastes in a crazy climate

Well it's week 60 of our blog, and we never thought our March 2020 would be turning out like this, The world seems to be going into lock down with the Coronavirus. The first of our craft fairs have been cancelled. Tonia, Phil and I all have parents who fall into the vulnerable category so we have decided to keep our distance like many others we will be working from home,

We intend to do our very best to bring you our weekly blog and creations.

Tonia has been spending her time making up some lovely bespoke cushions from material she has been collecting her latest pieces have a real Tropical Ocean feel

These very bold exotic sea style prints look great as cushions and would really work well in an outside space maybe around a pool or hot tub?

If you also had a nautical bedroom they would look great as a feature.

Tonia also updated a vase from a second hand shop, she has gone with the sea theme finding this glass effect.

Tonia added some 3d Goldfish decoration.

This piece had come from an old ornament that would have otherwise been thrown away.

It really brings the piece to life the orange against the blue really pops.

So as the saying goes #dontthrowitaway

As a collection they really work, but remember nearly all the Angel and Rose pieces are bespoke .

This week I decided to update the middle nest table I had bought earlier in the year at the revive centre.

The smaller table I had already upcycled earlier in the year, giving the piece a real surreal design.

Last week I decoupage a small chest of draws and this week I felt I wanted to do something with one of the tables making it into a real bold statement piece.

I had had this off cut of wallpaper for a while.

and decided to connect the tables through a theme of tropical birds but keeping them very bespoke from each other.

I picked up some paint in B & Q the other day, it was part of an in-house range of chalk paints.

Called Good home.

I had bought it for another project but felt it could really work with the paper

I decided to paint the table in this colour giving it a couple of coats.

It's actually more pink than red. The light of the photo doesn't really show this.

I roughly cut the paper to fit wanting a torn edge effect as the able top had a very curved edging to it.

Dixie seemed to approve my helper of the day.

I do miss the giggles and laughs with Tonia, but my fluffy friend keeps me company.

The table needs 2 coats of paint then I decide to add some detailing with rubbing back some areas to give the piece more of a vintage look and adding some gold

Update on the workshop we hope to have some more progression soon but in the climate we have been spending a lot of time looking after our elderly parents.

We have had a cancellation due to the coronvirus

Heres the revised events list.

Surrey Village Craft fairs in Shere Village hall

April 5th. Cancelled.

June 7th

July 5th

September 6th

October 4th

November 1st

That's it for this week

Take care and stay safe

Corcyra and Tonia ( The Bobbetts, Angel and Rose )

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