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Week 59, Bobbetts Blog Opulent dreams and British Beasts.

It's week 59, and we are back upcycling projects for our April show.

This week Tonia and I have decided to work on a couple of projects in our own homes, Not due to coronavirus as the whole world is starting to go into lock down. and not to worry, if it happens here I have a lifetime of projects to carry on with. For us it's due to life being extremely busy for both of us so this week the projects were bigger than last week also so it seemed easier to do in our own homes.,

I decided to upcycle a bedside cabinet and also start our sign

I got the bedside table a few weeks ago from the Recycle centre and loved the carving on this piece,

I went shopping in our local B&Q with Our new pup he's now the mascot 😂 all the staff run to greet him.

I have been waiting to do a dark piece for a while and felt this would have the right look.

When shopping for my mums room that I have recently wallpapered, I found this dark floral print which I really liked and have decided to use

First I rub the piece down then added a couple coats of the black paint.

once dry I then decoupaged the top and front panel

I rubbed back the design and on the relief of the

Cupboard I sponged gold/ bronze detailing

What a transformation from discarded to Dark and dazzling giving it an opulent look.

Tonia was working on a child's wicker chair updating it from an original natural colour to a boys blue.

Tonia also added a cushion she made with some lovely off cut bumble bee beastie fabric that is reversible.

I have also made a start on our Angel and Rose sign which we hope to become our trade show, we both felt it was more fitting to make an upcycled design in 3D, we have

Decided to use the colours turquoise and gold

Following in the footsteps of other iconic brands such as fortnum and Mason's and Tiffany's.

The design includes so far a 3d Rose from an old lamp and some palette wood.

Phil has also been busy finding and collecting unusual bottles for his lamps, here one of his latest finds.

A rare Jim Beam bottle made from ceramic.

In the shape of a fox.

Phil is looking for very Quirky and unusual pieces here's a couple more.

Something for the surf dudes out there.

Or maybe you like something more steampunk?

These are some of pieces that will be on sell at our latest events

So far we have the following

As Angel & Rose

Surrey Village Craft fairs in Shere Village hall

April 5th

June 7th

July 5th

September 6th

October 4th

November 1st

The Big build is a little further on with the clearing still going on.

That's it for now, we will see you next week for more craft upcycling

Cas and Tonia The Bobbetts ( Angel and Rose)

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