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Week 58 Bobbett's Blog,Painted jars and the white rabbit.

March is here and we decided to go and take a look at the craft fair we will be exhibiting at in April,

Very busy and lots of great crafts from Jewellery to pottery, handmade fudge, tea and coffee to quench your thirst everything to make a great little afternoon out.

At the end of the blog I will share our events list so far this year.

Tonia and I treated ourselves well you have to.

It has been a very busy week with lots going on.

Phil and I Took a trip to the refugee centre in anticipation of the workshop being delivered

I picked up a broken carriage clock and a tyre


Tonia bought over several glass objects to upcyle.

So here we are busy making for the fair.

Tonia was doing some lovely glass painting on some recycled jars and plain candle holders she had.

I love the Honey bee designs really cute

We chatted about the fair what we had to sell what we wanted to make, giggled a lot over coffee.

I started to pull apart the clock and wanted to go for a teacup design ornament with The white rabbit from Alice and wonderland being my inspiration as I had an old resin rabbit ornament I wanted to upcyle.

Dismantling the old clock.

Painting my old resin rabbit white.

I painted a blue jacket on him but felt he looked more like Peter rabbit so I added red trousers

Luckily I also found a perfect sized teacup in my collection for the clock face.

Adding a bit of colour

and painting the old base cream

What a difference it makes from that old outdated fake brass piece.

The end result looked really lovely so pleased with it, I hope to do more of these.

Phil has been busy too, making some great lamps and I managed to snap this photo of him making a lamp he looks like a mad professor 😂

Here are some of his latest creations which will be at the craft fair to buy.

Workshop update, well she turned up on Tuesday and after some fantastic driving by the delivery driver it is now safely stored.

This spurred us on for another clear out in the old studio, it's nearly time to tear it down.

So excited by the thought of a new workshop Showroom.

I have also met a really great local sculpture artist this week with very picasso style pieces which I hope will come on B.O.B in the future and show his work at the new studio in the future.

we are adding a new part to our blog Events coming up.

So far we have the following

As Angel & Rose

Surrey Village Craft fairs in Shere Village hall

April 5th

June 7th

July 5th

September 6th

October 4th

November 1st

That's it for this week take a look at

For some of our latest pieces.

Corcyra and Tonia The Bobbetts (Angel and Rose)

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