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Week 57, Bobbetts Blog spring has sprung Macrame and cushions

This week Tonia and I have been working on separate projects, I wanted to have a go at Macrame and Tonia started on a collection of cushions for the April show.

Looking at Macrame design I really liked the look of this idea, I was looking for something to replace the bought in hanging planter I had.

It was ok but very boring.

So I started to look at you tube videos and soon realised I had made a mistake by not buying Macrame wool which is at least 3mm thick, all I had to play with was this thinner wool, but I decided to use it as a practice piece.

you can start the piece in many ways and I was very surprised by the length you needed 32inch plus 24inch plus the width of your pot.

and depending on what design cutting several lengths.

I used a spare curtain loop as the top hanger

I followed the instructions on a YouTube video how to start it, it wasn't long before I found the videos a little boring and hard to see just how the wool was being looped so I freestyled making several knots in sections and then platting strands and re knotting to make a net like design.

It is a good idea to hang the pieces as u get a better idea how the design works and you also keep any small furry family members away from it.

A great game as you can tell.

When I was happy with the design I tried the plant and the pot.

I liked it but it was a bit boring and decided to add some colour.

Using the Annie Sloan Florence paint diluted down, I placed the tail end of the hanger in some diluted paint

When I was happy with the colour I let it dry then tried out my planter.

I actually really like it and it's better than what was there

So here it is the finer sample piece.

I actually think it looks quite nice 😍

Tonia has chosen adoring floral material for her cushion with a heavy beautiful contrasting trim of detail.

That she made herself with pom pom tassels.

She used a very simple envelope design making it a feature with the trim.

The flower print really gives an idea of spring.

With buttercups, bluebells,iris and daffodils in the design

The piece looks so pretty and fit for any spring decor room.

I look forwards to seeing more of her soft furnishings for the craft fair.

Phil has a couple of ongoing commissions with his lamps and next week hope to show you a couple of new pieces, we have a date for the workshop arrival 🙈🙈🙈 not long so this weekend we plan to do some ground work towards its arrival, and hopefully a visit to a craft fair on Sunday we will be exhibiting at the April one so we can give u a preview in next week's blog.

That's it for this week we hope you have enjoyed it?

Cas and Tonia the Bobbetts (Angel and Rose)

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