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Week 56 Bobbetts Blog painting Mirror Mirror

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

It's week 56 and it's been a busy one,Tonia and I managed to snatch a couple of hours together, we chat over coffee and talked about the fairs coming up,

We had some crazy moments taking photos in the mirror I was making over,

Tonia this week was making over a miniature set of draws, she had found in a charity shop. It looked very different to start with having a design of seashells on it making it look outdated ,so Tonia decided to take off the shells and rub down the chest giving it a good key to apply the paint she also added a quirky clay dolls head she had made from scratch.

Tonia gave the item a key rub down then added an undercoat,

and then a pink top coat this would need several coats.

This little set of draws would be fit for any princesses bedroom to house her little treasures.

I wanted to try the verdigris green paint effect

So using Annie Sloan Florence as a base coat then dabbing a blue emulsion sporadically with a sponge, gave it a mottled effect finished off with a light bronze sponging over the highlights it looks amazing,

I have used the same technique on the Apothecary cabinet,

Making sure to prep the surface first with a key rub then masking up the glass.

Just like the mirror I have layered up the paints and used the bronze to highlight the raised areas

The bathroom is now finished and I have added some accessories,

Plants, pictures, and glass jars,

I looked on Pinterest for some ideas and I love the idea of old fashioned labels, aged tins and men's grooming accessories to fill the shelves to make it look more interesting.

The idea behind the bathroom was an eclectic inspiration of Victorian inspired pieces with a quirky twist, the white and black basics of the bathroom, the floor tiles and bathroom suite really take on a more warmer exotic feel.

Inspired by a 1900's feel.

We have also had a new member of the BOB family this week join us,

Turnip a German Spitz Klein, a rescue pup and the four other dogs have been taking him under their wings.

Heres Leon giving him a cuddle,

it's only been a couple of days and he's fitting in nicely.

Phil has been busy making more lights and the workshop has been delayed by 10 days giving us a little more time to prepare for it, and Tonia has also added a fringe to her lampshade which was featured in last week's blog. The fringe really finishes the look.

Well that's it for this week,

We hope you enjoyed the makeover and updates?

Cas and Tonia ( The Bobbetts ) Angel and Rose.

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