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Week 55 Bobbetts blog, Brave or Bonkers?

The Bathroom update is still ongoing, taking longer than expected, I have asked myself am I bonkers ?? I keep telling myself to be brave. It will look amazing when finished.

As Lewis Carroll once said!

Tonia has done a simple mini makeover on one of her upcycling projects bringing some bling to a lamp shade.

The bathroom this week has been totally re-grouted, such a messy job. I used a packet and mixed up the grout as using tubs can work out really expensive.

Like any bathroom condensation can make the grout go black and dirty resulting in a mould build up, the grouting freshens up the bathroom, I love the white tiles still with the black and white freeze its so classic and will update for many years.

The airing cupboard has been updated with a satin black finish, I love it.

I was so unsure but it's really a feature of the cupboard which Phil made many years ago to house our hot water tank.

The ceiling has had a second coat, with the bathroom doors also going black.

I am starting to think more about some of the final features of the room as next week I want to show the bathroom finally finished.

Testing out some colour for the mirror, this mirror I bought about 10 years ago in a second hand shop and I still love it.

I dragged the lino up from my workshop which I had stored for ages and thought it's make or break, I have never laid a vinyl floor and the awkward space will be a challenge but it's underway.

This will look amazing if I can pull it off.

Tonia has had a mini makeover this week using some rhinestone crystals to bling up a lamp shade.

From plain to bling.

Stuck on with a glue gun, very simple this design did take a bit of working out with the spacing.

Phil has been a busy boy again, currently building a collection for the first craft fair of the year in April.I love the colour of this one, it's a shame I can't use it in the bathroom as the colour is perfect.

The studio update hasn't really got much to say, with the appalling weather it's been so difficult to store the contents and sort through it, one good thing the 18ft of lino is now out the way.

With the delivery imminent We really need to spend some time finishing off the clear out.Well that's it's for this week

Hope you have enjoyed it,.

Cas and Tonia the Bobbetts ( Angel and Rose )

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