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Week 54 Bobbett's blog, February Flu, feeling blue.

So it's week 54 and here we are in February, this week unfortunately I have been struck down with the flu , so excuse the photo as I was feeling terrible,Tonia has been unwell too, but in the name of craft we have battled on.

The bathroom project has been slower than expected but the gathering of materials has been underway, a run to the tip and the recycle centre for a family member resulted in purchasing three pieces of furniture for upcycling,

Typical of me, dump some rubbish and come back with more stuff 🙈🙈🙈

one item was perfect for the bathroom, a glass apothecary type cabinet. It would look stunning.

I also had a chance to go to our local B and Q, I picked up a beautiful peace Lilly plant. Using a rattan type basket I picked up from ikea months ago and placing the Lilly in, It will really add a bit of drama to the room.

I also picked up some paint, we already have coloured glass bricks in the wall of the bathroom and I wanted to bring some colour in and the ceiling had been calling me for ages, so with the help of Phil we chose a colour.

This stirred up another mood board.

This time adding colour to the black and white palette

Here is an updated mood board and a picture of things I have collected.

I do want to add some more plants to the bathroom,

I like the idea of a hanging feature maybe a macrame piece?

I think I could do something similar???

So I will give you a peek of the bathroom so far,

The walls are re grouted and now the ceiling has had a coat of colour,

It's amazing what a bit of colour can do, the wood work is having an update too.

and I'm collecting together smaller items to use in my cabinet these are bits I had around the house, I've started work on the cabinet by giving it a key rub down.

Phil has been very busy this week and has made several new designs for his bottle lamp collection

You can see them on our Etsy site or at

Out of all of them the red cage design is my favourite. He was also working on a couple of commission pieces and hopefully he will have photos of them in the next couple of weeks, the workshop and showroom project is still in its pre delivery stage but we are slowly getting there

Next week I hope you get to see the bathroom finished .

We recently joined The Escape to the Chateau fan club Facebook page as it is one of our favourite TV programmes and we find Angel so inspiring with her creative flair, we have been putting up some of our interior upcycling pieces, they have been received very well with over 600 likes to date with my chandelier design.

Well that's it for this week, Tonia and I will be back together next week, we hope you have enjoyed this week's Blog?

Corcyra and Tonia. The Bobbetts ( Angel and Rose.) and Phil our honorary Bobbett.

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