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Week 53 Bobbett's Blog, Bathrooms, Brexit and all things black and white

This week’s Bobbett's blog we are looking at an eclectic mix of mood boards and revamping a tired bathroom, everyman's must have gift, a mini man cave, chest of drawers and also we take a look at what Phil's been up to with his bottle lamps, this exciting week in British history with us leaving Europe will hopefully put more of a spot light on British Businesses, we are excited at what the future holds.This week we first take a look at Tonia's mini man cave, chest of drawers, taking an old wooden jewellery box, Tonia decided to add a black and white theme to the tired decor

First she gave the mini chest an undercoat

Then using a black gloss, wood paint Tonia painted the whole chest Sanding the draws and painting them white Tonia took off the knobs and using an off cut of snakeskin material she decoupaged the front of the draws for a dramatic look, then to finish the look painted the knobs black to match the frame of the chest.

What a transformation.

the chest, looks so different and would make a great gift idea for that special male friend.

This week I have decided to take on a large challenge,my bathroom is in need of an update, after being totally fed up with it I decided to bite the bullet and get on with it.

The bathroom is a very tricky shape going under the eves of the house.

This week is more about what I plan to do and my inspiration.

I have scrubbed and started to prep the Bathroom

I'm in the process of taking up the floor

The monchrome look will stay but I want to glam it with some drama

Here's a mood board I created with ideas I love

So hopefully over the next couple of weeks my bathroom will be transformed and I can show you a bjoux bathroom.

I had a sneaky peak at what Phil's been upto.

He's been a busy boy this week with several projects underway, the big workshop build is going slowly but as they say Rome wasn't built in a day!

He's been adding to his collection of lamps for the April fair but as soon as he makes one it sells like his most recent one

The cripple cock, anyone who knows Phil knows he has a cheeky side and finding this little bottle was a must have.

This cheeky number sold within a couple of hours of going on social media, if you are interested in this piece let us know and Phil will try and work some cheeky magic.

Well that's it for this week we look forward to many more blogs and projects in the new light of Brexit Britain for us it brings new opportunities as we wave the flag high and show off British Talent.

#buybritish #supportlocalbusinesses #britishartsandcrafts #handmadeuk


See you next week for more bathroom updates and crafty moments,

Cas and Tonia ( The Bobbetts) (Angel and Rose) With honoury Bobbett Phil

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