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Week 45, Bobbetts Blog paint and petals, upcycling project.

As Autumn is truly underway this week Tonia and I decided we needed a trip to the Recycle centre our need to upcycle was calling.

I have been working on ideas for wallpaper too but really need to get my paintbrush onto canvas. Tonia has been making some lovely dream catchers too something for the Christmas season and soon available to buy on B.O.B.

So a quick visit to Leatherhead on another rainy day started off with lots of giggles, as I left the house with Tonia and without our honoury Bobbett Phil who had said he wanted to come. I got a phone call from Phil about half way there and had to turn around the blue bobbett bus and pick him up, Well people leave all-sorts at home, but their husband 🙈 this was a first.

We got to the centre and were greeted by our friendly recycling man. We had a good look round and I could not make my mind up.

I had an idea what I wanted to do from a picture I found on Pinterest shown below,

Tonia had also seen a design on Pinterest she liked, a monochrome desig.

After lots of rumm ging in the recycle shop we found these pieces. Tonia found her stool, I found a nice bedside cabinet and a cool picture frame with Darwin's evolution.

We decided on the way back to take a visit to B and Q to pick up supplies and have a general look round.

onia choose some new paint a in house range of furniture and project paint,

we raided the wallpaper section and got a few off cuts, I went for some rust-oleum Antique white. When we got home I decided to use this wonderful light I had seen in Band Q for inspiration and the picture shown earlier.

I started to plan out a design.

Tonia has started to paint her stool, keeping to her monochrome design ideas with a twist. Of a more natural inspired design,So far it's very apt with the season almost Halloween like.

Well that's its for this week, it's been a very hectic and busy one.

I have launched a Kickstarter campaign which has been approved and now , live with the start of funds coming in take a look with this link

if you can your support me I would be very grateful.

The best of British Christmas shop is open and also the Etsy shop, We are now taking orders. That's is from us this week next week we will unveil our finished projects Goodbye for now Cas and Tonia (The Bobbetts) (Angel and Rose)

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