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Upcycling in shades of blue and fishy paper.

Bobbetts Blog week No 74.

This week Tonia and I have both been busy working on projects, Tonias been making more stock and I've been upcycling a side table to use in the studio as my desk, Phil's been working on special orders and doing what he can to the workshops foundations, unfortunately we ran out of luck with the weather and the rain has stopped most of the work.

Helen has also been over and done a bit more to her project.

I had been looking for a dressing table for ages to upcycle and at the beginning of the year I found this piece similar to a Queen Anne style, I tucked it away and now it's time for another upcycle challenge.

First I rubbed the desk down

After lots of deliberation I have decided to go with Florence by Annie Sloan this time I wanted to make the piece very dramatic a statement piece of my work, I want to use feature decoupage and also darken the paint work.

I painted the table first in Florence.

I used this dramatic dark paper which I love and on a raised panel around the piece I sketched some insect designs adding gold paint, I then decided to age the piece by rubbing back the edges of the table.

I also applied inside the draw and the added gold to feet of the piece, The colours look great together

Then I applied the wax first the clear then the black. Making sure I applied a lot of the clear and black sparingly.

Here's the results.

It gives the piece more depth here it is finished.

What a transformation I love it, I can't wait to use it in the House of B.O.B studio.

Helen came back for another visit managing to get another coat done on her bedside tables.

The piece now looks more even, Helen is waiting on the handles to arrive to complete the look.

Tonia has been busy this week. She has upcycled a Pringle tin and a ceramic jug.

Using wrapping paper with a striking design.

Now the tins look really fun and would make any kitchen more chic.

Here's the jug that Tonia also decoupaged with the hare theme.

This weekend we also had another virtual craft fair

under our name Angel and Rose

You can see the pieces below.

Tonia dropped some pieces over,I photographed our pieces in colour ranges.

Here's some of my favourite collection photos

Yellow and browns this collection has a fox and sunflower theme, lovely autumnal colours.

Purples and mauves

Tonia also hand-painted this collection of tea lights so pretty and a great gift idea.

some of the pieces can be seen on the Angel and Rose collection page.

Phil has done a bit more work on the workshop showroom. The weather has really dampened its progress

He has fitted a soak away to the foundations and done some more brick work.

So we are behind schedule but hopefully this will pick up next week,

Phil also had a private commission.

This Kraken bottle lamp with shade and diamond bulb, is a real talking piece of any room.

Well that's it for this week we will be back next week with more projects and updates.

Corcyra and Tonia the Bobbetts with Phil Angel and Rose and Helen our Honoury Bobbett.

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