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Week 64 Bobbetts blog, freak show circus theme,

Ok I think Tonia and I are really starting to go crazy in the lockdown.

We are on our fourth blog in lockdown and we have been told today that we have another 3 weeks to go, and then it's a review of the situation.

I have decided to take on one of the largest projects I have. Upcycling a mid century dresser into a show stopping themed cabinet to house my Jewellery for the new studio.

Inspired by freak shows, circus and Victorian entertainment.

I am using all the paints that I have around the house, to recreate this theme.

Here's the cabinet, I bought it a couple of years ago from a buy and sell site, unfortunately it had some water damage from being in the old workshop, So before starting work on it Phil had to rebuild it.

I had an idea in my head, what I wanted to do but I needed to rub the cabinet down first.

Here I am enjoying the sunshine and rubbing down the unit.

I decided to make a mood board with some of my inspiration.

I love this freaky curiosity.

Once I had rubbed down the cabinet and whipped off the dust I started to paint the base colours using a mixture of colours and makes.

I did the outline of stage curtains

then added some more background colour

I was really unsure about the inside of the Cabinet but I needed to do a recheck of what I wanted to display in it and of course it was my Jewellery, so a bright interior is needed.

Here’s a sample of my Jewellery work

more can be found on the site.

So I decide to go for white but I really want it to have a sea inspired theme as this is what my work is based on.

I have started to add several layers of paint to get stronger colours but as this is such a large project I will have to continue it into next week's blog.

Tonia has been busy on several projects but the one chosen to tie in with this week's theme was an upcycling of a tin.

Wanting to go for a fairground circus colour scheme and design, Tonia starts the base colour using a metal gold yellow paint.

This will need several coats but it will be worth it as the colour is so vibrant.

Tonia added a design after several layers,

Then she started to paint it.

What a transformation from this little boring tin to a circus clown design.

Here it is finished

Update on the workshop we have temporary storage in place so we are moving the last few bits, to move this build forward.

Also here's a little up date on the seeds I sowed a couple of weeks ago in blog 62

We have a good little harvest on the way 😊🌱

Next week I will give you an update on the cabinet and hopefully we can show you more on the studio project next week.

That's it for this week stay safe, get crafty and we will be back next week

Cas and Tonia,

The bobbetts, Angel and Rose.

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