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Bobbetts blog No 13 trial and error

Bobbetts blog No 13

Trial and error

So it's week 13 of blogs this one has been a bit trial and error more because Im trying something new but the results are OK and as they say practise makes perfect. We had a good chat about how the Christmas period is in full swing debates are all over social media is it too early to put up the tree?

Iconic Christmas window displays .

We have taken a look at the most famous of the department stores window this week Harrods. This year London’s iconic department store Harrods unveiled their Christmas window last weekend. Inspired by the stores “Once Upon a Time” theme, each window is adorned with moving puppets and performers, lights, scenery and red velvet curtains. Hidden beneath the floorboards is a magical world of Christmas mice with Peter Pumpernickel leading the entertainment as they prepare their Christmas decorations.

Alexander Wells-Greco, head of visual merchandising at Harrods, said: “This year, our customers are invited to become the audience and enjoy the festive season’s ultimate show. We want to continue to engage with families – children in particular. To achieve this, we raised the windows by 60cm to create the underfloor theatre scenes of Christmas mice preparing for the festivities, installed directly at a child’s eye level.” This is a truly magical scene and must be on the list to see. Pinterest has some great ideas for festive crafts so we decided to go and take a look  at our local Hobby craft, so many great ideas we felt like kids in a candy store, after being dazzled with the glitter and sparkles we spent a small fortune on various items to use in the future.

'Im sure we will be using some of these in our next blog. We have seen a real interest in the Christmas products on the Best of British shop personalised gifts seem to be the way forward. These are a couple of the top items, that are very popular.

This week I wanted to try something that I had seen Angel from Escape to the chateau do in her first serious. I was prompted by Helen sending me a video on Crafts ideas with how to do these wood rubbings so I thought I would give it a go. First print of a design Use mod podge to stick to wood and on paper then place picture face down onto wood.

I tried to rub the first design while still wet this didn't work. So I tried again with a different design.

I rubbed the image through using a damp sponge.

and I left it to dry. When the piece was dry I rubbed it gently with my finger as this was my first attempt I was trying to do it very carefully the wood I used wasn't very thick and flexed too much, I will use thicker materials in the future.

I'm still pleased with my end result as the title to the blog says its trial and error It has  a vintage feel to it, this is a quick and easy craft. I really enjoyed it.

Helen has been busy getting ready for our Christmas shopping event on Monday, so no practical crafty bits from her, she will be back next week when we will be  covering the craft event  and take a look at what other crafter are up to. We also have a new Artist On board at B.O.B, Danni started by doing book art and has progressed to even more crafty makes over the years. Things such as hand painted dream catchers, mdf gifts, door plaques, gift sets and much more.  She started out from a desk in her living room and now has her own workshop in the garden. Her work can now be found in our shop.

So it's bye for now come say Hi to us this Monday at Denbie's Christmas

shopping event. Dorking Surrey 5pm to 8pm.

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