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chandelier entry for the Gorilla Glue Competition.

Updated: May 9, 2019

This project all started with the love of Chandeliers and cups of Tea,  Phil saw this Competition on Facebook way back in April 2018 to enter a competition with Gorilla Glue, well Gorilla Glue is what we use for our vintage  china cup upcycled pieces ( bird feeders, candelabras and candle chandelier) so we thought lets give it ago, and this is by far are most beautiful creation yet.

So For all you crafty people out there heres a step by step guide on how we did it.

Step 1

decide on what chandelier you want to upcycle for us we wanted to create a nice safe chandelier in to something extraordinary.

Step 2

Phil dismantled all the ornate pieces and electrical components that could be dismantled to make the item easier to paint, tools needed selection of screw drivers and spanners.



with 800 grade emery paper rub back some of the paint on the high areas this will create a look of depth when you add the next layer.

Step 5

Using a metallic gold paint  Cas high lights some of the raised areas for a vintage feel.

Step 6

we used the same process on the tea cups.

Step 7

We Set out the decorative under pieces to saucers and made sure they were flat against each other, we will show you in the next step how we bond these together using Gorilla Glue Epoxy, we use this product as it the best and strongest around and it weather proof and gets the job done!

Step 8

Mix the glue well and add it to the surface you want to bond. Metal to ceramic shown above, remember you have 5 mins to do this so work quickly.

Step 9

making sure you use the right glue ensures the design to stay in place, thats why we choose Gorilla Glue!

Step 10

its time to re wire the candle holders and add all of the crystals, if you are not confident at re wiring please get an electrician  to do this for you.

step 11

you are now ready to hang your chandelier,

Thank you Gorilla glue for this opportunity and helping us make beautiful products turning yesterdays cream chandelier in to today's Turquoise tea theme. By Cas and Phil.

We also make a range of vintage Teacup designed home decoration such as candelabras, candle chandeliers for outside, Bird feeders all of these products use gorilla glue and are available to buy on this site please share and help us spread the word handmade in the UK.

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