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Bobbett's Blog No 47.Rose and Woodland Creatures.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago Tonia and I went back to one of our favourite places the Revive centre at Leatherhead Recycle centre and picked up a couple of pieces for our upcyling project, I picked up a small cupboard and a frame and Tonia found a stool,

We have been working on the stool and cabinet,

Tonia wanted to use a black and white theme on her stool she had seen a design on Pinterest but wanted to go for a more quirky design

Inspired by nature with a quirky touch the monochrome design comes to life

This feels very apt for this time of year the silhouette design and the Halloween time of year

The Animals on the design and the leaves are all British species,

Here is a close up of the design

A woodpecker shown at the top of a tree

With a rabbit sitting at the bottom looking into the distance.

A blackbird singing it heart out.

Toadstools sprouting from the bottom of the


A lonely hedgehog out looking food, each design depicts a story, a lovely piece that is not only functional but also a great talking piece.

Here is in its original tired state now transformed into an original piece of functional Art

Picture to come.

The Story stool.

This would look great in any kitchen.

It is available to buy at

I decided to transform

The small 1960s plain boring cabinet that I found, I was inspired by a design I had seen on Pinterest and with some wallpaper I had picked up from The range, I would say this is not my usual style as I normally go for a more unusual surreal design.

First I cut out out some paper and using blue tac set about placing out a design.

I then took some photos to remember where the design had gone.

I then rubbed down the cabinet as it had a varnish finish and I wanted to make sure the covering paint went on well.

The cabinet took 3 layers of paint this took some time over the dark wood, I wanted an even finish so it needed to be done

I then let the piece dry for a couple of days and then with some emery paper gentle took some of the paint back to give it a vintage feel

Then with modge podge, I stuck the design on added some extra bits, some letters and modge podge over the whole cabinet inside and out to act as a protective seal

I added a couple more details a long lost letter to the inside of the cabinet

And a new crystal pink knob to add a bit of sparkle.

What a transformation from an unloved piece to a beautiful country cottage design that will look great in any bedroom or cottage bathroom.

Here it is a before and after photo

This will soon be available to buy on our site

Follow the link here

Or take a look on our Etsy page.

Available on the site at House of B.O.B

We hope you have enjoyed this week's read we also have a shout out for any free furniture

In the Surrey area

So if you are taking a piece to the dump please think of us first.

Here's our link

Our campaign still going with a very long way to go if you can help the Bobbetts would finally have a permanent place to work from and for the public to visit

Please see the link below.

House of B.O.B, interior design recycling, via @Kickstarter

Thank you for your


We will be back next week

Cas and Tonia

The Bobbetts,Angel and Rose

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