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Bobbetts blog 63, Driftwood and Dream Scapes.

Tonia and I are now doing our third blog separate. We are still in lockdown and heading for what the government says is our worst week to come with fatalities rising as we head into Easter weekend such as sad time, so we are working hard in our own homes trying to block out some of what is going on.

As we have had glorious weather for the past few days with today being the best so far Phil and I decided to get stuck into a very big project. Phil and I bought this rustic outside dinning set, we had seen it on a buy and sell sight and knew we had to have it.

Over 20 years ago I was taking part in a yearly Garden show at Rowland's Castle Stansted Park in Hampshire were I first saw a similar set and Phil and I fell in love with it, A beautiful hand crafted piece, It's taken 20yrs to get one and back then the set was £3000 and we payed a fraction of that for it second hand.

When we bought it Phil was in his last stages of cancer treatment so for 2 years they have been stored in the shed while the porch was being built. Today was the day we rebuild it and sand it down ready to wax. Tonia has been busy this week painting beautiful beach scenes recycling some old frames and adding a 3d effect.

Here we are building the table, we were a bit anxious as we had it delivered in pieces.

Typical Hugo looking at Phil saying what is he up to now!!!

The table and chair has a very rustic feel and looks like some parts have been made from an old wheel, so what looks like a piece that is made from recycled wood is being bought back to life once again.

The wood had been stained or varnished in places and looked very different in colours so using a belt sander on the top we get a more natural even colour.

You can see the varnish being stripped back.

For the legs and stand we used a smaller sander which made it easier to get in the gaps, but some of the areas were done by hand.

As you can imagine this took quite a while.

The chairs didn't really need a sanding just a light brush down,

Where they had been stored we got a little extra gift.

Can you see the tiny wasp nest, unfortunately it couldn't stay.

I have ordered 5 litres of Manyard's clear beeswax which comes next week in the meantime we have put the dinning suite in place.

Phil and I Love it, it's fit for a King and Queen or maybe an Angel?

Tonia SeaScape works really well with this week's theme.

She used acrylics for her design

She varnished some old frames she had for contrast and added a small selection of shells to give the design a 3d effect.


She has made two of these and they are available to buy as a pair for £55 that includes free postage in The UK they are both originals and one offs.

I felt the beach driftwood theme also went well with Tonia's cushions made in a previous blog and vase.

The cushions are £35 each which includes free delivery.

The vase is also for sale a bespoke piece.

The vase is £22 with free delivery in the UK

Contact us here if you are interested in any of the pieces for sale.


The workshop has had some more clearing out

and slowly we can say the old shed will come down soon.

The seeds from last week blog have started sprouting 🌱

and hopefully we are on for our June Craft fair.

Well that's it for this week.

We hope you have enjoyed it? if you have projects to start now is the perfect time.

We would like to wish all our followers a Happy Easter.

Stay safe and stay home.

Corcyra and Tonia the Bobbetts, Angel and Rose and Phil x

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