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Hello from B.O.B

Hello, Jewellery Designer Cas and her Husband Phil live and work in the Surrey Hills with their Son and many Pets. They love to spend time walking and playing with their 5 dogs and creating pieces of Original Arts and crafts for their home. After several years of selling their own work and Cas working the last decade in the luxury retail business, they have decided after a close friend had a personal tragedy, life is too short! And to follow your Dream's and B.O.B was born the Best of British Boutique.

The Online Boutique is Selling Only British Designer Makers work made in Great Britain. So far they have had great response with several business coming on board, such as Jewellers, Artist, furniture designer’s ,textile Artist and ceramicists are just a few of the disciplines.

The idea behind B.O.B is bringing British Arts and Crafts to a wider audience than one business can do alone, B.O.B is a Brand that supports local and British businesses. In recent years there has been a real demand for Bespoke and luxury items, that are well made and have a story to tell, unique pieces are more sort after and this is where B.O.B is here to help, as there are several online Boutiques, but none are as unique in the unusual work they showcase and commission work they encourage.

B.O.B already has a large following on their social media sites to generate more interest in this being a British Boutique with British Designer makers who hand make their work in Great Britain. So if you are a designer maker or Artist and are a British Citizen get in touch with B.O.B at the and we can start shouting about your work and selling it for you in this very unique online Boutique.

About us. Cas is a designer maker who has a BA Hons degree in three dimensional design and metals an established contemporary jeweller, selling her work on the British craft markets and outlets in the UK and internationally for over 15 years. She has recently been managing in Luxury Boutique’s selling a luxury product for the last 8 years and has one of the highest profile in retail. With her combined managerial skills and designer maker background Cas has the perfect understanding for pushing a venture such as Best of British Boutique to the wider audience and supporting British Businesses. Phil who run’s Dixie Designs is a Bespoke furniture craftsman who works with reclaimed wood to create solid Rustic Design’s he has worked for a British importer of furniture. He has also designed for CORCYRA collection and sold the collection’s at retail and trade level nationally and internationally.

Their Passion has always remained the same supporting British Designer makers and Their love of unique objects, and how we should appreciate the beauty in handmade objects. As they are individual pieces for individual’s.They are challenging the way we shop and supporting British Arts and Crafts in the process. If you require more information Please contact B.O.B On 07912883279, or email us at, You can also follow us on our journey on here our blog site, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and Goggle+.

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Best of British Boutique

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