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Halloween Decoration Bobbetts Blog No 10

This week we have decided to do the last in a series of Halloween Blogs,

using some of the pieces we have worked on in our latest blog we have decided to photograph them and our guest blogger Phil is doing a Tiki design carved pumpkin that was voted for by

the public in our last blog and on our Facebook page.

Helen and I dressed up again we giggled gossiped drank coffee to keep warm as it was freezing,

We had a good look at instragram this week and chatted about next weeks blog we hope to go on another adventure to a different recycling centre and see what we can salvage.

We looked at Jay and co one of our favourite sites and chariswilliams777 we love her work, we have a love for mirrors and upcycling them maybe we will find a good mirror or two to play with?

we are also going to give you a recipes for what to do with the pumpkin flesh you have from your carving trust us its an amazing soup be brave try it, we now have lots of friends converted to it!

So here we go Phil has joined us and and this is how he carves a Tikki Pumpkin.

first choose a good shape Pumpkin something quite pear shape and tall is normally a good start, you will need a good selection of knives a spoon to scoop out the flesh, carving tools, marker pen and white spirit to clean off the marker pen.

Phil draws his free hand using a design to look at, you can also make a stencil if thats easier.

The design is coming along you can black out areas to make it easier to see what to cut.

Phil uses a pen knife for some of the more tricky areas. he does not go right through most of the design he takes just the skin back, to leave a light orange flesh on the design.

As you go along you can decide what looks better  as  you can see in this design a wide mouth and pattern nose was created.

wow how fab does this look on our Halloween table, thanks phil it looks great.

Helen and I then played with the other pieces we have made lately and introduced some of the pieces to buy on B.O.B to set out our Halloween table.

I carved the menacing pumpkin on this shoot and you can see the leaf item pumpkin we did in our first blog.also I added a bit of Halloween glamour to our tea cup plants.

a close up of the golden pumpkin Helen created in blog no 7 ( A Mad Moment ), we got beautiful leaves from the garden to make a runner for the table.

We used the tea cup candelabra as the centre piece and added a few decorative pumpkins to the overall design.

We even made ourselves into cartoon monsters  HAPPY HALLOWEEN  from all of us at B.O.B

for more information on us and what we create take a look at our sales page,

items for sale used in this blog are below,

Tea Cup Candelabra available on our etsy site boboutiquecouk

Tea cup plant decoration £12

its bye for now, from Cas, Helen and  guest Phil from B.O.B

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