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Denbies Christmas Shopping with the Bobbett's Blog No 14

It's been a busy week for both of us with decorating in both houses, Birthdays and Christmas prep, running around at points like headless chickens hence the bubble type.

So this week we decided to write our blog around Denbie's Christmas Shopping Evening. I show you how to make a Christmas twig tree display.Helen and I discussed what Christmas TV advert had caught our eye this week.

BOB'S favourite advert week 14

Helen love's theSainsbury advert. Especially when the plug jumps into the socket such a good idea, beautiful costumes the children look so cute. The Big Night | Sainsbury's Ad | Christmas 2018Presenting the new Sainsbury’s Christmas 2018 advert, ‘The Big Night’. Starring an eight year old star giving the performance of her life, all for her mum. D.. take a look the Star does give the performance of her life. We also chatted about iconic shop windows this week we look at Selfridges. .Selfridges was the first department store in the world to unveil its Christmas window way back in October. With over two months still to go until 25 December, The London, Manchester and Birmingham shops opened its festive windows, which this season are under the theme of 'Selfridges Rocks Christmas'. The rock 'n' roll theme will be embraced not only through the window display, but also through the in-store entertainment staged during the festive season across Selfridges stores. "It’s about freedom, exuberance, living for today, and having a rocking time to the accompaniment of a great soundtrack," Selfridges said of this year's theme, Hope.

The festive windows have been quite the undertaking for staff at London's famous department store. 500 people have helped bring the idea to life over the past year and 100 members of staff have worked round the clock for the past eight days to get the windows and store displays in place. In doing so, they have put up 85,000 Christmas baubles, 65,000 pieces of confetti, 12,000 paper decorations, five km of garland, one tonne of mirror balls and 5,000 m of tinsel curtains.

Denbies Christmas Shopping

Best of British Boutique has had a busy week we took part in the Denbies shopping event on Nov 26th and we will be there again on the 10th Dec. Its free entry in the beautiful setting of Denbies Wine Estate in the main Visitors building.

With a little bit of Bobbett's cheek we managed to get a second table and increase our display space by 50% thank goodness we did as we have a lot of different items to display. The best sales of  the evening were the cushions and baubles by far we had lots of really good feedback and new contacts made. The festive season was enhanced with the rock choir. In our display I had made a bauble tree which I will share with you how I made it.

How to make a christmas twig tree display.

This is how I made the tree. I found some sturdy branches in my garden and with cable ties I bound them together.

Then sprayed the twigs lightly with a gold spray to give them a Christmas feel.

 Wrap twine around the bottom to hide the cable ties, found an old Christmas plant pot and added

Then I placed the branches in the pot, using sticks to balance the tree and let it set in a warm place for a couple of hours.

As you can see it makes a great display. Well that's it for now, We have also done a short video of the evening you are welcome to take a look all the products are available in our shop to buy. Or pop along and see us next time we will be back at Denbies on the 10th Dec

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