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Bobbetts Blog 48, Botanical wallpaper designs

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Its week 48, and we have decided to go back to our wallpaper / textile designing,

I really want a botanical print in my kitchen, I have found lots of designs but none quite what im looking for, so The challenge was a leafy design with a splash of red.

I gatheretherd a few of my house plants up and was very drawn to the red lily one, so many different shades of green,

We looked at a few designs over Pinterest Instagram and other sites here’s four of our favourites.

There are hundreds of designs on the market today, so we wanted to bring our own twist to the market, Tonia prefers a more delicate design where I prefer a more full leafy design, I really want to play with adding images to the design too and I will talk about this in next week blog.

Tonia and I both started the design by finding the centre of our paper I decided to use a mix medium on canvas of paint pen and pencil, Tonia was using paper and paint.

Tonia first did a design with the red lilies and ferns, but felt this wasn't really showing her style

Below was her second attempt, much more her, it reminds me of her fairy design in the first set of wallpaper designs we blogged about. She has made this piece very delicate looking, a beautiful design for a country cottage wall.

My style of painting has always been a more layered feel. I start by building the green leaves up with several colours using black pen to shade and white paint to highlight.

Before all of this I put a simple white wash over the canvas, I wanted the design to have the quality of a painted effect

One design finished and another started.

The second piece I used a money plant in the composition.

My two design’s so far finished I'm really pleased with them and love the depth.

I have asked myself this week are wallpapers still on trend for 2020 and the answer is yes!

Below is a design on show at the ideal Home Exhibition

Bloomsbury in Neo Mint, by Graham & Brown is the wallpaper of the Year 2020

Inspired by the Bloomsbury Group, hence the name, this bold design celebrates the ethos of ‘fine art’ inhabiting everyday spaces.

The vertical trailing pattern references 18th century neoclassical interiors. The design is a mix of much-loved English countryside florals of chrysanthemum, primula and rose.

So watch out for more wallpaper designs from us, it looks like a trend we still love to design with.

Next week Tonia and I will be looking at what I have added and how they work as a pattern.

Well that's all for this week,

We hope you have enjoyed the blog,

Cas and Tonia

The Bobbetts,Angel and Rose.

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