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Bobbetts blog week 70, waxing and projects to start and finish.

So it's week 70 of the Blog from next week things start to ease a little with the lockdown and Boris is letting us see other households using social distancing, it's been another busy week, This week we moved forward with the build and have been working on jobs at the House of BoBs outside space adding a wax to the outside dining area.

Tonia and I had a video chat discussing this and that unfortunately she will be shielding for a bit longer as she has some underlying health issues.

So this week I have waxed the table so easy to do, it's perfect timing as the weather is great and it takes less time to do. It's just a long job as there is so much of it.

As you can see from the chairs they have faded and need to be brought back to life.

So first Phil and I sanded the table top, my new sander arrived this week it's so easy to use.

Even though I had sanded it a few weeks ago I needed to give it a fresh sand before I applied the wax.

Using the well appointed Mylands wax. I started to apply it.

The wax started to melt in the heat which makes it so easier to brush on.

The colour change is amazing and it really brings the grain of the wood out.

I choose a clear wax. You can choose one with a hint of colour if you want Mylands do have several choices.

I've now started a chair. You can really see the change the wax brings to rich colour to wood. My outside dining space is slowly coming together. My friends call the table the Game of Thrones. I love it, so different and so well crafted.

The other end of this space is also changing with this area being replaced

With something more ours style

From plastic rattan to solid wood.I will keep you updated with change.

Speaking of updates the build is coming along with the base area being extended

the skip is filled and taken away thank you chambers.

So next week the project hopefully gets an extended base.

I have also been finishing off the textiles design I started last week

Here's some of the ideas I have for the pattern,

It's more of a textile design I feel for curtains, cushions and lampshades.

I have also decided to make a collection of scrap book photos for inspiration for my print designs.

As my Garden is starting to bloom I've decided to record the beautiful flowers.

Tonia has started her own record too.

Two very English Gardens with two very different blooms.

Well that's it for this week I hope you have enjoyed the blog.

We will be back next week with lots more ideas.

Bye for now,

Cas and Tonia The Bobbetts. Angel and Rose.

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