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Bobbetts blog No19, Pattern and paint

This week's blog is all about inspiration and researching materials, Helen introduced me to a little interior design shop in Chobham called INSIDE, Helen can confirm I was in my element in this shop it was love at first sight!

An Aladdin's cave of interior treasures, from eclectic curtains to bohemian objects. The lovely lady behind the counter chatted away to us with the greatest enthusiasm, So lovely to find a person really passionate about what they sell.We had a giggle about what we could do and the words 'wow,' and 'omg' were used a lot the lady behind the counter was laughing.

This shot taken at the front of the shop shows off cuts of materials and unusual accessories. I was very drawn to this Moroccan lantern material. Just £30 but what could I use it for?

Lampshade ideas something we could easily do in a blog, maybe one for later in the year?

The upholstery books are amazing, I will be coming back as I have enrolled in a course and my project similar to the settee below needs some fabulous material as it's drab brown velour does not do the piece justice. This settee was originally a prop made for the shop  window but sold to a client fabulous.

Everywhere I looked my eyes bulged. Helen was eyeing up the Chalk paint, and giggling at my reaction to everything.

I found these materials lurrve them, a real contender for my living room project settee and chairs.

I think it could work.

We saw a lamp with a monkey head in gold  at the base, great gifts and we both made a little purchase each. A great day and my head is buzzing with flashes of colour and texture.A real candy shop for arty people.

I had lots of ideas  on what I wanted to do with wallpaper fabrics and other projects I am working on.

Helen was chatting about a flooring in her daughters bedroom and how to combat makeup marks we came up with digital printed lino and its not too expensive.We chatted about how to brighten up a newly decorated kitchen come dinner lounge grey being the main colour with copper accents, after looking at a few colours pink was an idea which quickly changed to green,

These were found on pinterest,

We have decided next week to look into  possibly upcyling furniture and looking at accessories that could go with this theme.

looking at www. shop

I have chosen 5 items which could fit in with these

ideas, and colour schemes, this is great for spring and very fresh looking.   





£39Well we hope you have enjoyed this blog we really did and thank you to the gem of a shop Helen found.We will be back next week getting up to lots more crafty antics. Cas and Helen. (The Bobbetts )follow us on facebook, instagram linkden,twitter, pinterest. Recommendations INSIDE32 chertsy RD CHOBHAM SURREY GU24 8PQTEL 01276 856441

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