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Bobbetts Blog No 84, The Kings of the British Sky.

Time is just flying bye, it is now the beginning of September and the British Children are going back to school, So last weekend I took the opportunity for a last-minute UK break and finished my latest print design Kings of the British sky, which I started to sketch out last week, I've also been finishing the commission but no reveal, as my client needs to see it first.

I will show you a couple of teasers though.

We do have an update on the House of B.O.B build with more work going on the roof.

So this bank holiday weekend I have started by enlarging my design idea first I mapped out my idea I really want a British inspired Chinoiserie style paper, I've always been very good at seeing designs in my head and they will look, I want pink to be the key colour and the when I transfer the piece to Photoshop I can see a green background.

First I got the design right.

When I was happy with the pattern, I started applying the paint with my new paint set Phil had surprised me in the week with.

I started with the greenery and the pink that I really want to be the highlighting colour of the design.

Slowly I started to build the design up

I like using different mediums and used my new marker pens Phil also treated me to add some detail.

I built the design up using acrylic paint as the base and the marker pens as the details. I use this in all my work, it just feels right for me.

First I concentrated on the king of the woods, the Great Spotted Woodpecker, a favourite of mine, I have been lucky enough to see these beautiful birds at my bird table at home.

Then I moved onto the King of the British rivers.

Here I start to build up his colour.

Again I used the pens to get the detail.

The Kingfisher is my favourite British bird, I have seen one once several years ago, definitely the most vibrant British bird I can think of.

My third choice was the British Robin or the King of the garden, I love these little fellers always around when you want to cheer up, my print just had to include one.

I added in some British Butterflies and a Golden ringtail dragonfly.

I added three crowns to my design, well the king's need a crown!

I then started to play with the design as a repeating print.

I love it, so pleased with how it looks.

I need to make sure that design matches here a bit of the centre dragonfly and butterfly are missing, but this is easy to fix.

I also had a quick play with filters.

Blue filter.

Green filter.

and the red filter I think out of the three this is my favourite.

I haven't had a chance to play on the computer this week due to concentrating on the commission piece here's a couple of sneak previews,

I will do a big reveal next week once the client has seen it.

Tonia has sent me a few pictures of bird paintings she's been working on in the week.

Gifts for her Dad who breeds and fly's pigeons, definitely a scene of a British sky, and something more exotic this very colourful parrot on a coconut shell to make a decorative dish

House of B.O.B update.

Phil, Glyn and Simon my B.O.B Builders have been busy getting on top of the studio roof after the nightmare they had to begin with.

Now we look amazing due to some top tips and a liner from our friends JBS roofing Jamie who owns the company has done several jobs for us he's an amazing roofer.

And from our friend Dave in the village for borrowing the roof ladder

Amazingly, the house roof is now watertight.

Well, that's it for this week it's been a busy one.

Corcyra Tonia ( the Bobbett's ) and Phil and the House of B.O.B Builders.

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