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Bobbetts Blog No 8 Retro and Vintage.

Hi and welcome back to this weeks blog as christmas is approaching fast we have been chatting about lots of ideas and things we want to create.

We had a good look at a couple of sites on Instagram to find out what was trending and if anyone had been doing similar work, we looked at who have some lovely images on their page and  also christmas_passion_  , love the hot chocolate image with the candy cane's another great page with lots of inspiration.

But we seem to be leading the way with the Glitter car baubles and only a few crafters are using Tea cups in their designs.

Helen this week has decided to upcycle her mirror that she found in blog No 4 Trash or Treasure, this was the charity shop at Leatherhead recycle centre.

Helen wanted to go retro and after thrashing several ideas around decided to go with a pin up girl theme.

The book was ordered on eBay and Helen had a strange moment when she noticed her name pencilled on to the images! Was this an Omen freaky!!! Anyway it looked like it was meant to be and she decided to go with it.

Helen first decides to clean the mirror down with hot soapy water and then left it to dry, she cuts out her pin up girls and then using modge podge glue she applied to the mirror frame then the paper and then over the paper.

The glue drys clear so don't worry too much if it looks a bit messy.

The end result was so good it nearly stayed with Helen but in just under 48hrs her retro mirror was sold.

If you are interested in Helens decoupage mirrors get in touch through the page and we can discuss a bespoke commission.The ideas are endless its only your imagination that limits the design.

I  have decided to work on my Tea cup Christmas gifts this week.

Using a miss matched Tea cup and saucer

I decided to stick the saucer and cup together to make the decoration more stable using gorilla glue.

What you will need Tea Cup, compost, Gorilla glue, baby wipes, succulent, fake mini Christmas tree and a cut out decoration I choose a reindeer.

Once dry I added a multi purpose compost to the cup and put in the succulent,

I then added a fake Christmas tree bought on Amazon and a reindeer cut out in wood from Hobby craft. To finish the piece I added a handmade label as a gift tag.

The Tea Cup gift looks stunning!

I have several of these designs going on sale. and our Etsy site.


They are all unique and cost just £12

With free postage in the UK.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog next week we are off to a pumpkin farm to pick up some with the kids, as its half term and have a look at the farm shop to see what crafts and goodies are in for Christmas.

Bye for now

Cas and Helen x

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