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Bobbetts Blog no 76. B.O.B's builders and A parrots reflection.

This week we have been focusing on the weekend's weather and getting everything ready for the big cement pour.

A discarded mirror gets a revamp into quirky glamour and it's another virtual craft fair.

Tonia has been updating a mirror and frame with her sunflower theme and painting skills.

This week Phil and I have taken the opportunity in the patches of good weather which has been very unsettled to clear the corner of the workshop build area and get things set up for the big pour.

Phil had some help with some great friends that are being repaid with the lure of a BBQ feast and offer of help with their projects in the future.

Phil, Paul,Paul and Glyn started the build at about 9.30 am

Having two jumbo bags previously delivered and several bags of cement the work got underway.

Well after a manly debate.

Then the jokes started.

So they decided it would be a good idea to bury the Halloween skeleton.😂🤦 I feel sorry for the next owner of this property.

The pour started.

Surprisingly it went very Quickly and by about 1pm it was all done.

The finished result, now it's time for it to dry and keep the dogs off it, then the build can finally commence. Thank you. We are so lucky to have wonderful friends.

It was now time for the BBQ and some well deserved R & R.

While the boys were laying the cement, Helen had come over and was keeping me company while working on upcycling project

I have a new project, I was given this mirror.

It seemed very outdated and straight away I wanted to do a glamorous exotic piece.

I decided to give the piece a dark feel, using this purple blue gloss.

Love the colour.

Using a thin card to get a close finish on the mirror.

I decided to use one of my parrot signature pieces

I then decide to add some gold detailing to the mirror.

I think I'm going to place the parrot at the bottom

well I love it,

Just need to do a bit of final detailing and it will go on the Angel and Rose page of for sale

Tonia has been busy again seems to be a bit of a theme this week with mirrors and a frame Tonia used her sunflower trade mark to transform one and her painting skills on another.

Her pieces have a very modern feel to them.

The virtual fair has been on again this weekend

Here is a collection of our work, if you would like to take a look go to.

Oh and I had a fabulous review from an Etsy sale, my English Garden chandelier

Our Etsy feedback from our client.


Oh my goodness!!! I have just received my chandelier and it's absolutely gorgeous. It actually looks better in real life. I'm delighted, I knew that I just had to have this the minute I saw it. Thank you for such prompt communication and delivery.

Donna x

What a fab week we have had thank you for your continued support and feel free to share.

Have a great week.

Corcyra and Tonia The Bobbett's Angel and Rose and Phil and Helen our honorary Bobbett's

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