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Bobbetts Blog no 75. Creative with crates and experimenting with melts.

I really don't know where times going, this week again the weather has not been great so I decided to do a smaller project, Phil has been working on the foundations of the studio and Tonia has been making wax melts.

The world is seeing some normality with pubs, hairdressers and other businesses opening up with new covid 19 safety measures in place, its certainly a different world to 4 months ago.

We are still working on lockdown projects,

We have recently changed our toilet in our bathroom which left us with a bit of a problem with holes in the wall above the cistern,

so to hide these I wanted a shelf and after trawling the internet, looking at different websites to find something and nothing was jumping out.

Then this wooden crate started to jump out at me, it had been in Phil's family for years just holding bits and bobs, so I decided this could be my answer.

It is very worn but I love its charm.

I looked up Cantrell & Cochrane and found these boxes held glass soda bottles around 1978 and were listed on eBay for £100.

I did think about flogging it, but I want it to be a shelf more 🙈

First I sanded the box lightly

I had to be very careful over the writing I wiped off the dust then I started to wax it

Using Mylands Beeswax

I gave the crate two coats letting the wax dry for a day in-between coats.

The wax gave the wood a deeper richer look.

The end result is great, the crate now shelf has been restored and repurposed after 40yrs, I love it .

Phil put it up for me, spot on Mr Angel xx.

Now to add some bits and Bobs.

I have also been checking out

Other things to do with crates.

I really love these ideas I think I need to invest in some crates.

Not sure I could get my dogs to use one?

Here a couple of my favourite ideas from Pinterest

Phil's been busy with the workshop base building the retaining wall and smashing up hardcore the big pour hopefully happens next week with a small team of friends with muscles helping out.

So please pray for good weather, oh and my cooking skills to be ok on the day, anyone who knows me well knows cooking is not my thing.

Tonia has been busy too experimenting making wax melts to use in a burner like this

I love shell ones they have an irredescent look to them, hopefully Ton can make some to sell in the House of B.O.B

I would buy some 😍

The other experiment she did was with these I love the way they are boxed up they look just like delicate sweets.

Strawberries and cream anyone?

Love the idea of choosing wax melts like you choose candy from a sweet shop.

Well that's it from us this week

Have a good and creative week

Corcyra, Tonia and Phil,

The Bobbetts, Angel and Rose

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