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Bobbetts Blog No 73, Chalk paint and accessories by colour.

Welcome to week 73 of the Bobbetts blog. These have been the strangest of times, the way we live has certainly changed over the last three months with the outbreak of covid19 we have had to adapt the way we work and play.

Last weekend we took part in our first Virtual fair, hosted by Surrey village craft fairs.

Tonia is still shielding as she has underlying health issues so combining our work has been difficult.

I have been busy finishing my French Dresser project, taking a visit to Wescott and Williams, and seeing Helen our honorary bobbett from the past for a social distancing upcycling . Some more work has been done on the new studio too.

Earlier this week Tonia dropped some work off to me so I could set up our Angel and Rose stand for our second virtual craft fair that takes part next weekend

Our work range is from small accessories to Bespoke lighting and Furniture. An eclectic mix of upcycled interior design all handmade.

As we have so many Quirky pieces I decided to group the pieces in colour ranges.

angel and rose purple accessories from new bottle lamps to hand-printed tealight holders and bottle candle lights.

Yellows and browns, fox bottle lamp and candle jars sunflower trinket bottles upcycled soda bottle tealight holders.

Blues, bottle glass lighting sea inspired cushions and beginners sewing kits in a jar.

All of these items and more can be seen next week on the Surrey villages virtual craft fair.

Look out for the link next week.

Also all items are listed on the Angel and Rose page at

or message us here for prices.

I have been finishing my French Dresser

After finishing painting it in Paris Grey chalk paint by Annie Sloan and giving it a light sanding between coats

I decided I wanted to darken the dresser and get some nice door knobs on a visit to one of my favourite little places Wescott and Williams of Dorking.

So here I am, loving that green unit in the background, another project idea???

Annie, who owns Wescott and Williams, has some great advice and ideas.

I picked up a clear wax and a black wax to age the dresser oh and these stunning knobs

I decided to age the unit by rubbing it back and adding a clear wax with a black top coat.

The dresser took a while to do, but I love it.

The dresser is really looking great.

and here it is finished.

Helen bought over a small unit.

She wanted to make it girly and pink .

Using a Rust-Oleum chalk paint in pink champagne.

Helen will be back next week doing some more to it

Phil's done a bit more on the House of BoB

Hopefully the ground work will be ready by next weekend to do the big cement pour.

Well that's it from us have a great week and look out for next week's posts and updates about the virtual fair.

Corcyra and Tonia The Bobbetts Angel and Rose and Helen..

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