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Bobbetts blog No 7, A Mad Moment!

Hi everyone

It's a Mad Moment!

so its week 7 wow how time flies its mid October and here in the Uk you can definitely feel the change in the Night air its getting quite chilly,the leaves on the trees are so pretty here in the Surrey Hills. We have decided to follow on with our Autumnal theme this week using inspiration from a couple of tutorials on pumpkin decoration Lene Bjerre Design A/S's post  .  on Facebook  look in the videos and you will find inspiration with pumpkin designs and also Garden Answer.  facebook page again take a look at the videos , No carve way to make pumpkins has lots of great quick ideas, we would see how easy it was?

This week It was a couple of mad hours as Helen brought over her 2 dogs and they had a play date with my furry kids while we chatted giggled, gossiped and of course created beautiful crafts with non stop flowing coffee and Maltesers.

We gathered up some leaves from the garden and started the project. What you will need. Gold spray paint, Mod podge glue, pretty leaves and some glitter.

Helen had the idea to spray her pumpkin gold.

Then after letting it dry for 20 mins started to apply ferns from the garden! Well what a nightmare, this was not going to be as easy as we thought!

After several attempts of the fern idea Helen cleaned of the ferns and glue with good old baby wipes and started again.

With a layering of yellow and red leaves. You have to apply lots of glue on the leaves on the pumpkin then over the leaves again!  don't worry if it looks a bit messy as the beauty of Mod podge is it dries clear.

Helen then decided to accentuate the natural lines of the pumpkin with glitter carefully applying the glue with a stalk from the leaves and blowing the Glitter on the the line and cleaning of any excess.

While Helen was creating her master piece, I was playing with a slightly smaller Pumpkin a white green in colour and decided to layer the leaves from the middle out.

added some glitter to the stalk area but be careful I tipped on too much and ended up having to scrape it back!

We then left the pumpkins to dry for a good few hours and when we went back to them what a transformation.

Perfect for any autumn house decorating or dinner party!!!! Now thats an idea for another photo shoot?

So amongst the Dog play date madness this week and the challenging start with the ferns We had a good outcome even though it left us Slightly madder than normal, but  Dudley the dog kept an eye on us!

and in the words of the Mad Hatter

So goodbye for this week week from the Bobbetts we hoped you enjoyed this week blog.

For more madness, fun and creative inspiration take a look at our last 6 blogs and you must not forget to take a look at the beautiful arts and crafts created by the artists on BOB ( Best of British Boutique) goodbye for this week Cas and Helen x

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