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Bobbetts Blog No 69, Textile design and mini furnishing.

Wow it's the end of May and we are still in lockdown, it's been a week of ups and downs, I feel like it's groundhog day and over the last few weeks the blogs have been a challenge for me they are the challenge of the projects I have been thinking about but not had the chance to get too.

This week I was looking at my kitchen that really needs totally updating but unfortunately I don't have a spare 20k.

So I'm starting by looking at what I love about it and it's our cooker and fireplace surround that I tiled a few years ago using a tile from my mother in law that I used to create the main focal point.

Tonia has been busy making lots of tiny soft furnishings for her dolls house.

From crocheting tiny bedspread to making a sofa fit for fairies.

I am using this as inspiration for my textiles in the kitchen which will start my updating.

I decided to use some of the colours but softening the design down.

Drawing it out.

Base colour greens and yellow.

The design nearly finished.

Using a printing programme I can look at how the design lines up, still some work to do.

Fairy crocheting set.

Tonia made a mini crochet duvet, with two mini pillows

Tonia hand made this sofa from pieces of scrap cardboard and sponge, and upholstered in an off cut of William Morris style fabric.

A small bag holds bundles of mini wool and knitting needles.

Tonia is even planning out a utility room and has made an ironing board from recycled materials.

Tonia is having lots of fun filling her dolls house with objects she makes and she's been playing with the fimo again making Tiny Garden gnomes and a white rabbit.

It's a real art to work this small, you have to remember all these pieces are similar size to a thimble.

The workshop update, we have taken down the old studio and are now in the process of clearing the extending base area of rubble and old wood.

You can see the area behind the raised beds and oh yes the veg is coming along fine.

We have nearly filled the Skip and tidied up the garden in the process.

This weekend and bank holiday the craft fair we would have been at is trying out a virtual fair we hope to take part at some point here's the link to take a look at some great local artists.

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Please show your support and take a look at some of the gift ideas we have for him this father's Day.

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Well that's it for this week I'm still working on my pattern and hopefully I can finish it this week.

Take care

Cas and Tonia the Bobbetts Angel and Rose

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