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Bobbetts blog No 66, Impressionist inspired by Bob

Wow week 66 of the Blog and here we are still in lockdown and after wondering what I was going to do with the airing cupboard I had painted and I really didn't like in the silk black

Wood paint which was uneven and chipped easily, I felt very unhappy with it. I have been admiring my apple tree during lockdown in the garden.

in full blossom and after watching BoB Ross on BBC 4, an iconic artist of our time. Bob makes his landscapes look do effortless he's such a joy to watch and I had to giggle at his well known phrase

The Joy Of Painting originally ran from 1983 to 1994 and featured Ross teaching viewers different painting techniques, completing a piece of art during each episode.

So I decided to do my own slant on it using the blossom

I used a well known technique of cotton bud blotting to do the blossom.

This was last Wednesday's episode.

Truly beautiful he is such a legend and so are his sayings now turned in to many memes

Here's my favourite

Spoken like a true artist.

So I started with the basic trunk of the tree then a cotton bud blotting pink then white and some red.

I decided that I needed to add some interest to the floor so added some wild flowers

I really love this simple idea at the bottom of the cupboard, with a pop of colour.

I added three butterflies into the design as my bathroom has butterflies in it already.

And this tied the whole piece together.

I absolutely love it and it is surprisingly easy.

Tonia has also had a go at impressionist painting following on from her recent beach scene she had done a very dramatic picture here using similar techniques to Bob

The whole picture really shows the moonlight capturing the calmness of the sea and picking up the highlights of the boat.

Tonia has also recently been working on a painting of her garden, which is tucked away in the Surrey hills, you get a really beautiful piece using the impressionist technique.

Creating two very different landscapes using the technique gives them real character.

So as you can see we are still having a go with different styles of arts and crafts and everything in-between.

Workshop studio update it's coming along slowly slowly.


We can give you a better update on our local village craft fair. May has been cancelled but we had not booked into this one .We are in June, in-between they are trying a virtual fair which if it all goes well we could be part of, so we will keep you updated.

That's it for this week,

Keep safe and keep crafting

Cas and Tonia, The Bobbetts, Angel and Rose.

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