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Bobbetts blog No 6, Good bye summer Hello Autumn Photo shoot

So today we are out on location again, this time its for a photo shoot,

inspiration has come from our recent projects and also complimentary pieces for sale on BOB.

Its an overcast day here in the surrey hills and we have chosen a location deep in the small lanes of Surrey between Great Bookham and Abinger Hammer.

We originally had a place all marked out but  driving through the lanes an autumn pathway caught our eye and we knew this had to be the location.

Using the projects we started in last weeks blog and some extra autumnal props the idea was to create an Autumn outside living room. So we backed the blue Bobbett bus up this tiny lane, on to the location hoping we would not get stuck in the mud, which thankfully we did not and hiked the art work a couple of hundred yards up this beautiful autumnal pathway,

We set up several compositions we had fun trying different things Helen throwing the fallen leaves into the air,  playing with a video that will go live on our facebook page and other social media sites this week, we were calling to a pheasant to make an appearance, but he ran the other way, this photo was a lot of fun and we were really limited on time due to other commitments, but it felt like we had some great shots.

In my head I had the lamp stand looking like something out of Narnia when Mr Tomlinson is first seen by  Lucy the youngest daughter, this magical tale of C.S Lewis  and the magic of this shoot was created by imagination in the forest  with British fairy tales, such as Narnia and Alice in wonderland. The forest is a very magical place and as the art and design of many of our pieces are quirky and unique the back drop seems to work perfectly, with Halloween on our door step a few Pumpkins were placed amongst the props to add to the seasonal surroundings. 

The blues we had used with our recent upcycling projects had really been given a vibrance to the picture with the orange from the ground leaves and the pumpkins. The pictures that have been created will be used throughout the next month on our site.

Items for sale used in blog

The Narnia Lamp stand is now for sale at £170 by Cas

The table is for sale at  £65  by Helen free local delivery.

the book art is available  to order starting at £25 by Emma

Large vintage cake stand by Phil and Cas £25

Cushions from £26 by Helen

Jewellery by Corcyra (Cas) Bangle £475 Necklace  £380

Bird feeder T cup £10 by Phil and Cas

Teapot with plant arrangement £12 to £15 by Phil and Cas

Chalkboards with bag of chalk £2O  by Helen.

We also had a look at autumn , orange and pumpkins on instagram #pumpkincarving is a must to look at some amazing designs to get you in the mood and #autumn_christmas_sparkle is another create one to get you in the mood.

but the must take a look is on our site and our Etsy page as we are adding new pieces and have change the look for something more seasonal.

see you next week for more creative fun and ideas,

Cas and Helen x

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