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Bobbetts blog No 5, Too blue ?? Best of British Boutique

Bobbetts Blog No 5 ,Too blue

After our fantastic location blog last week at our local recycling centre and charity shop ,we have both chosen shades of blue with our upcyling projects from there, which has made us have a look at other things that you might be interested in with Blue?

Instragram has a wonderful page called Bluebell cottage lots of great country shabby chic cottage style interior designs, definitely worth a look if you are looking for inspiration and we also looked at BLUE LINEN COTTAGE again  beautifully set pictures lots of great looking  interior ideas and a dog named Dudley who’s very cute, again worth a look and Pintrest has some great dark navy looking designs, we tapped in blue decor living room, and beautiful eclectic ideas popped up, our inspiration had started.

Helen has chosen a dark blue green shade to make a dramatic change to her occasional table that would look great in a bathroom, bedroom or hallway.

rom drab dark wood to mystical blue.

she applies the paint

which is an Annie Sloane chalk paint directly to the wood prior to this she removed any loose dirt and dust, She lets it dry for several hours  then gives it a second coat.

The paint colour Aubusson Blue

once dry touches of Gold paint are applied to give a Antique feel.

The final touches are new handles which are coming soon and Helen will reveal her totally re vamped  table in the next blog.

 This piece will also be available to buy please contact us if you are interested.

Today Im creating a Bespoke lamp stand for the eclectic home.

Using the chandelier that I collected from The Recycle centre ,well I actually rescued it from the bin  there as I new it had my design  feel all over it, I had this old lamp stand at home  and kept going back to the idea of it being a real fun style that needed that pop of colour, so blue it was for me and I used Satin wood /metal Scuba in Aruba by Valspar at B &Q.

Im so in love with this colour I want to paint everything  in it!

First I removed the glass droplets from the chandelier and washed them in a soapy warm solution, I washed the metal shade and the wooden base, then I gave the wood a Light sand,

I started to apply the paint this is a very long process with the chandelier as it all done by hand but the colour is amazing, I have had to let both pieces dry and then I will be able to apply some gold

I knew I wanted to use the beautiful Tea pot in the design I also picked up last week, and decided that it would look great planted up with seasonal flowers on the  lamps fixed table,

lots of blue used today the projects aren't finished yet so look out for our next blog, we hope to be on location in the Surrey Hills doing a photo shoot weather permitting.

see you next week

Cas and Helen x

These items will go on our site for sale soon at and our etsy site bobboutiquecouk

for more information please feel free to contactus.

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