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Bobbetts Blog No 40, Surreal Reveal

It’s week 40 and wow how time flies, we have been busy girls this week finishing off the stool wine rack, and table. We have also been busy on a day trip to London looking into other ventures and carrying on with our mad family lives.

Tonia completed her wool creatures stool, it's brilliant, she had several different colour patches of sheep wool a dark purple, grey, white and natural the stool actually took on a cow theme, fitting our surreal theme nicely.

It is for sale on the website under House of BOB and you can also find it on the House of BOB Facebook shop it's all bespoke, so if you want to be quick on grabbing yourself this piece take a look at the pages.

Here is the big reveal, I photographed the stool in front of the Upholstery project Phil and I have been doing, as you can see the fabulous pink fabric from inside in chobham and the Florence Annie sloan paint really makes the stool design look fab.

It just shows you having several eclectic items can really work.

The wine rack Tonia has decided to keep saying that if you want a similar one contact us here as they can be made to order in your own colour scheme.

Frederique the flamingo is finally finished,

I feel she needs to be in a hallway with a phone on, or a beautiful plant, such a lovely unusual piece again all bespoke and She's already sold but if you would like one similar I'm sure I could make a similar piece.

So Frederique will be off to her new home soon the owner is renaming her Flo, im sure she will be very happy there.

Here is the big reveal, with Frederique or Flo as she is known now.

I love the black and white flooring bringing in an art deco feel, with a couple of looking green tropical plants.

For more ideas like this take a look at interior curve on instagram she has fab ideas in art deco with a modern twist.

We played around with some unfinished pieces this week, the unfinished tropical chandelier and the wine rack got another coat of paint.

I'm not happy with the tropical design chandelier, I feel it’s going to change, I did a rub back technique, but I just don't feel it's working.

My very unsubtle critic Phil has told me it isn't so back to the drawing board.

Well we chatted about Halloween approaching quickly and Christmas is around the corner, new ideas and gifts coming out on B. O.B very soon.

That's all for now

Cas and Tonia

(The Bobbetts )

Here’s a couple of links to our website House of Bob page and our facebook shop.

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