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Bobbetts Blog No 4. Trash or Treasure?

Blog 4.

One woman's trash is two women"s treasure.

Well we have had lots of laughs today! chatting over our plans leading into Christmas. Things we want to try. We spoke about how cute a new find on instagram Bumble bee cottage, we  also had a long chat about Salvage Hunters, if you want to relax and feed your appetite for restoration and reclamation, Drew visits lots of interesting locations around the UK, from established Antique outlets, country homes and beautiful Stately homes. shown on reality TV.

We discussed a recent episode of a Georgian stately home which is now home to a girls school. The amazing find was of  a plaster mould that looks like a reproduction of the Elgin marbles, what a great find.

This programme inspired us to take a trip to our local recycling centre and salvage shop to Leatherhead 

 in the heart of surrey which is a really friendly site with lots of treasures, all proceeds from the shop go to local charities so getting a bargain also feels good, as we are giving back and one charity is very close to our hearts Mcmillan.

The staff were really friendly and helpful  thank you for your time today. we will definitely be back.

So here we are on a very windy damp morning! Its feeling very chilly but im sporting a brighter red head look to go with the Autumn mood.

The Details of reducing waste and supporting local charities shop is below,

located at leathered community recycling centres

Randall’s Road Leatherhead.

Facebook page is Revive Shop Surrey

We are both looking for projects this week which we will be making into items next week, to sell on BOB.

 They have lots of different items to choose from this is just a small selection.

We love this place as you never know what you are going to see and come away with.

So after a really good rummage

Helen choose a very large mirror and a nice little table.

I got a small chandelier and pretty tea pot and two large serving plates that were all made in England. Our little hoard today came in at just £20. bargain!

A couple of great little finds, not an amazing find like Drew found on salvage hunters but something we could really work with.

Next week we will show you what we do with some of these great finds, mentions of 50,s pin up girls and greeny blue being the colour of the season, we also discussed a photo shoot coming up in a couple of weeks so we will be on location somewhere in the Surrey Hills and publishing where you can see us in the flesh at our local events in the build up to Christmas.

See you next week for more tips and ideas.

Happy Crafting take a look at our site

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