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Bobbetts Blog No 39 Freaky surreal upcycling,

Its week 39 and today the weather is beautiful unlike last week when it was pouring with rain, Tonia and I have had a week to think about what we are doing with our projects we picked up at the REVIVE centre last week.

Tonia is upcycling her wine rack using Barcelona Orange Chalk paint by Annie Sloan and Florence by Annie Sloan,

is being used on the stool, the piece is going for a surreal look using a long haired design.

These very boring everyday thrown away items are being transformed into a funky upbeat designer edge pieces.

I picked up this dated looking telephone side table,

I was very drawn to the legs on it and suddenly had an inspiring moment with one of my favourite artist's, Salvador Dali. He was well known for his surreal art and my project was inspired by his work, the plant stand table I picked has these great long legs which reminded me of a flamingo, In my garden I have two old retro flamingo lawn art pieces these iconic objects were created by Donald Featherstone who created the now-ubiquitous pink flamingo in 1957,

Heres Tonia and I playing with him, we have named him frederique.

So cute I love this iconic design.

Phil my husband came up with painting just one leg pink using the Scandinavian pink chalk paint, by Annie sloan I had picked up in Dorking a week earlier.

Tonia and I were sticking to the plan and using living coral colour pallet as our colour inspiration

Tonia decided to paint her wine rack the Barcelona orange by Annie Sloan using a copper enamel paint over the chrome fixings to give the piece a more modern design.

The stool was stripped and Tonia decided she wanted to use a complementary colour to the orange, Florence by Annie Sloan, first she stripped the piece back, then started painting the legs.

Once dry Tonia started to apply some sheepskin fabric she had, this was scraps left over from another project, she used a hot glue gun to attach the pieces.

I feel it just needs a sheep's head and it would start baah -ing so Tonia named it Ba Ba Stool.

Tonia added some different colour wool, love it so crazy we will reveal the finished piece in next week blog.

The wine rack took a bit of a back seat as the enamel paint took so long to dry Next week Tonia hopes to complete the piece.

This was turning out to be one freaky blog and we are loving it.

It has now been a month since we have been working together and in that time we have really got to know each other we have a very honest relationship and if we don’t think something is working we say so. Not all of the creations we do work and it's a bit of trial and error but over copious amounts of coffee and the odd glass of wine we work it out.

Im loving this week as you all know I have a bit of a mad imagination who else has a tea cup chandelier hanging in their living room? Me of course and this weeks blog was made for me.

I started by giving my table a light rub down as I studied 3D design, I always feel more at home with projects like this.

The table was going to be a pale green, with Decoupaged exotic leaves, this was going to be one wacky blog, I started to apply the green a sage looking colour by Rust oleum range.

I then started to paint the final leg in scandinavian pink like Phil suggested.

Frederique the flamingo got an update too,

These colours looked striking together., I rubbed some of the paint back on the edges.

I then spent a long time cutting out some wrapping paper I had which I wanted to use to decoupage the top with.

I gave the piece several layers of Mod podge to seal the piece

I love it, next week I will reveal the completed piece.

Well thats it for this week we hope you have enjoyed our freaky antics?

There are no Upholstery updates this week but saying that going back to our wallpaper and paint blog a couple of weeks ago we put to the vote 2 designs of my wallpaper and background choices and two of Tonia's, we posted out all over the Best of British Boutiques social media pages, pintrest, instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and the public voted for these colour combinations.

Look out over the next few weeks as we may be designing some new pieces and possibly putting some into production.

If you would like more information on the pieces we have created in todays blog, please get in touch.

Have a great week and bye for now Cas and Tonia ( The Bobbetts )

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