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Bobbetts Blog No 38, Drowned Rats

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Its week 38 and we have got completely drenched on a trip to the tip, paying a visit to one of our favourite places and getting very wet! hence the title "Drowned Rats" This week Tonia and I decided to go on a trip to Leatherhead Revive centre in Surrey, I have written a couple of blogs on this before with Helen, It's a charity site with second hand items for sale.

Tonia has never been to one of these centres and I felt it would be a good idea to get working on some projects for our new House of B.O.B heading and tie it in with looking at the living coral pantone colour of 2019 as inspiration for pieces we upcycle.

I had no idea what I was going to look for at first.

I thought maybe a console table for my hall? or if I couldn't find anything I have several projects at home including a lovely old chair I sit at my desk and write these blogs on, but I found a quirky table with some lovely legs not sure what Im going to do with it but I do like the Scandinavian pink colour by Annie Sloane.

It is pouring with rain! is weather a thing with Tonia and I? Our first blog was on the hottest day of the year, now its monsoon weather so excuse the photos but the makeup was not going to stay on and everything is wet.

Tonia chose a wine rack to upcycle and a small stool, I found some lovely teacups even though I have way too many I could not resist.

We could have really done with a nice cup of tea, here we are very wet and wishing we had that cuppa!

The weather just got worse so we decided to do some quick photos

and take a trip to Dorking to get the paint for our projects.

We payed a visit to a lovely shop in West street called Westcott & Williams it has been featured in one of our blogs before, this time we met the owner a lovely lady named Annie. Funny that as they sell Annie Sloane paint and this is why we where here, I chose the Scandinavian pink colour and Tonia went for the Barcelona orange. Annie gave us lots of great tips and we had a look round her lovely show room we would highly recommend a visit.

Tonia and I have the paint we have the projects now it was just the imagination needing some inspiration, I loved the legs on my table and imagined a quirky surreal looking piece, I can feel a Salvador Dali moment coming on.

I wanted to use an object on a piece that would not ever been placed together to somehow bond as if they were part of each other. My inspiration came from the long legs on the elephant in his paintings and the sculpture of a lobster on a phone.

"Oh," i just have the thing at home and I cant wait to show you next week.

Tonia on the other hand already had her design in mind using the inspiring colours of the year on the wine rack and making a dull unloved stool into a quirky talking piece.

next week we will show you what we have done with the items.

Upholstery update

Last week we started to add the top material to the back of the chair and make the difficult cuts around the arm joins. Using a half moon needle or collar needle I carefully hand stitch the back seam.

Then it time to start adding the metal edging, Phil and I decided to go for a brass effect to make it really stand out.

Starting at the back we used this lesson to get as much of the beading done as possible as this is our last day of the course.

well thats it for us this week see you next week, we will be upcycling those furniture finds.

Bye for now Cas and Tonia (The Bobbetts)

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