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Bobbetts Blog No 37, Festival of colour and Pattern.

It's week 37 and i'm following up on the Pattern and Paint blog from last week.

We will be following up with this blog on instagram and facebook on what designs and

colour combination you like.

Tonia has been covering the walls of her new home with the designs we have been working on.

I wish I could do the same in my house ,I have way too much clutter, as I love objects and art too much!

Here we are looking at the pattern does it work? does it match?

we decided then to look at our designs and choose three to four colours for each design.

I'm also thinking of doing a furniture upcycled piece in this colour living coral as it's stunning so watch this space!

Tonia's pattern design have really taken on a fantasy style using magical animal images to create flowing repeat patterns.

Calling them Bee Botanical, fairy Charm, Summer grace, Autumn Fauna and Hummingbird.

I have looked at periods of designs that inspire me and strong images again using animals birds and insects in my designs building up texture and in every design leaving a snail as my signature.

My designs are called England's Beasties, Nouveau flight, Indian blossom, and Noir Atlas. I have always loved surrealism and feel the names gives the designs this twist.

Tonias collection

Tonias ist design, Autumn Fauna original design and a pale peach colour added this seemed to only work with this design, its a very now piece as fits in with the interior colour of the year the living coral theme,I ran a small poll over facebook with friends and family it was 50/50 result some loved it others hated the new colour.

Tonia's design 2, Bee Botanical the original design then on a buttermilk yellow, ice blue and sage green background.

Tonias design 3 Fairy Charm, the original design then with four different colour background options Duck egg, mauve, pink and butter milk.

Tonia's Design 4 Hummingbird the original design and then in black this design is very dramatic compared with the other collections.

My 1st design England's Beasties the original design then in yellow, duck egg and french navy.

My 2nd design Indian blossom the original design shown then on sage, mulberry and cornflower blue.

My 3rd Design Noir Atlas, the original and then in cerise, turquoise and tango, I wanted to try something funky and different I like some elements of this design, I feel it is all a working progress,

My 4th Design Nouveau flight, the original design then in fresh green, pink and teal with this design I found the detail of the dragon fly was lost a little when the background colour was added so this is again being worked on.

All designs are copyright to Angel and Rose design collection

What we did next!e have been looking into a few ideas to create wallpaper, textiles and accessory collections here are a few of our ideas.

Whats New on B.O.B

Its been an exciting week for us seeing our designs take shape and we have also had a new Artist on Board with us at House of B.O.B

Charis Williams from Salvage sister shes a metal art designer maker and TV presenter.

you can see some of her designs for sale in the House of B.O.B collection.

Upholstery update

Phil and I have done a little more on the Upholstery course.

This is how we left the chair we then added the back hessian a layer of wadding and then the top fabric

I have now mastered how to make piping on my industrial sewing machine after we added the padding and the top fabric we positioned it with tacks and put some challenging cuts in the material to fold around the arms and the wood frame.

next week Phil and I will be ready to staple the back and hand stich the back.

We are out on a visit to one of our favourite location next week be sure to check out the Blog.

Thats it for this week from the Bobbetts Tonia and Cas,

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