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Bobbetts Blog No 34,Upcycling special.

This week Im getting ready for the Bank Holiday show, which I will be blogging about next week. I have been concentrating on my chandelier display and the pieces are nearly finished. Phil has helped me out so much this week with building a display stand for the show. This is the stand in its early stages we are nearly all done now.

Every little detail counts and as this is a new creative business so much new knowledge has had to be looked into, it can be very challenging but I thrive on getting a job done.

I have so many more ideas, I'm not sure poor Phil can cope with them. There's talk of a possible tango orange number a tropical design candy red and all white. I feel really passionate about these pieces just like my jewellery I feel a real love for each design, I have always been interested in lighting and had a fascination with chandeliers  they are so beautiful.

Each creation is Bespoke, if I was to create another leopard print one it would be unique, as I can't get the same chandelier and would I be lucky enough to find those cups again? I don't think so....

To create something out of a discarded object and bring it back to life is such a joy as we live in such a throwaway society, my house is being taken  over by second hand chandeliers in need of love and china teacups are hidden in various places throughout the house. I have also done a bit of a photo shoot this week to build up my portfolio of  lighting and household pieces, I am launching them under the  brand House of B.O.B

The completed  BB chandelier re named and given a silk finish, swapping the bronze tea cups to pale pink, BB stands for Beauty and the Beast, fitting I feel as the dark beast like chandelier sets the stage for the pale pink beauties ( tea cups ) from  a second hand washed up piece to a design that was dramatic but flat! Is now this opulent design using real gold leaf.

The Leopard print design is shinning with its original crystals, from a tired cream piece to giving it a wild side, a beautiful  dramatic big cat finish.

The very understated  three arm chandelier has been transformed into a english garden, with a varnished finish it has really transformed .

The  chandeliers are  now safely wrapped up and ready for the show.

I will have several projects at the Good life exhibition demonstrating different aspects of my upcyling,to give you an idea of what can be created with a little bit of imagination.

The pieces will be for sale at the event and then will go onto the B.O.B website.

a new section will be added called the House of B.O.B which will showcase  these pieces and other designed and upcycled pieces  from the Uk.

with these items they may have not been made in the UK, but the designers will still be British.

next weeks blog will be covering the Good life show and what designers and makers are up to in the UK with the upcycling trend,

If you have wondered where Helen is this week she will not be joining the blog as frequently,  she has got a full time position  doing something she loves, I will really miss our giggles and coffee but hopefully I will see her once in a while and  wish her all the best for the future, Im going to miss that mad beautiful talented lady xx

 thats it for this week, bye for now, I hope to see you at the show this Sunday or Monday.

Cas and stand in Bobbett Phil.

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