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Bobbetts Blog No 33, Leg's and Cabaret

The weeks are whizzing by, it's nearly May!

So much has been going on this week the kids are back at school yay!!

For me it's time to knuckle down and pull together my upcycling pieces for the Good Life Show! and Helen's working on the finishing touches to her dining space.

This week's Blog is legs and cabaret Helen goes copper with her farmhouse chair legs giving them a modern twist.

Helen added copper detailing to the chairs It really brings the design together

with a few copper accessories the table looks amazing.

I have been working on the cabaret of Chandeliers now nearly completing three.

So I've been working on the Gothic beauty using gold leaf for the first time ever and I love it, 

first you have to add a size to where you want the Gold leaf.

I then started to apply the gold leaf this is a bit tricky.

 I still feel the piece needs something and I'm just trying to find it.

I can feel a look on Pinterest to inspire me, I found these designs.

I definitely feel I need more gold! so back to the Amazon shopping cart I go.

Chandelier no three

I've had this design in my head a while and after picking up a box of butterfly clips on my travel's  

 and inspired by the  colours used in the bird bath piece I made earlier his year.

I have chosen shades of green china saucers, I feel these  piece's work very well.

To compliment them I  chose pretty floral design tea cups with pink and mixed flowers on, its very important the tea cups all work for me, saying that I do love the eclectic miss match look as it gives the pieces more of a quirky edge.

Im going to call this

The English Garden Chandelier

Helen maybe for your conservatory dining space???

This week was the final of celebrity painting challenge Josie won with her beautiful giraffe piece it was deep on two levels she really pushed herself.

Take a look for yourself

my favourite was of course laurence llewelyn-bowen, the last challenge was located inside the icon Natural history musuem in London, at midnight when it was closed laurence choose the building as his theme, with his interior design this came very natural to him in the background and hovering in the air was this electric blue whale structure his style is very architectural and I feel almost larger than life, which reflects his own character.

so Laurence your my winner,

Well thats it for this week,

I hope you have enjoyed the blog and hopefully it has given you some inspiration, for more details on our work take a look at the site

and its not long to go to the Goodlife show come and visit me.

or follow us on facebook, instagram, pintrest or twitter.

we are back next week

Cas and Helen ( the Bobbetts)

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