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Bobbetts Blog No 32, Green Goddesses

OK it's week 32 and we are well into the Easter Holidays our kids won't detach themselves from their phones and gaming consoles, So Helen and I decided to do a big painting project we have decided to go green by upcycling Helens dinning table using rust - oleum's, Bramwell  chalky finish furniture paint, not the first time we used this colour as it was the colour used for the bird bath stand in blog 24,

Its a lovely sage green colour and compliments Helen's newly decorated kitchen.

I'm also on my next chandelier project I'm going for a black matt gothic look with an opulent touch.

Over the last week I have collected several upcycling projects including seven chandeliers so I'm going to be a busy girl over the next couple of weeks.

We had so much to catch up on, giggling and drinking copious amounts of coffee, discussing what would look good with the new painted chairs and table.The chairs took two coats, they had previously been painted in white chalk paint this made a nice base coat.

This really does give these chairs another lease of life,

its good paint with a great coverage.

We decided to be a bit silly with some good old selfies practising our duck pout!

A completed chair only 3 more to go we will be here a while, oh! and the table.

This week the blog is very much a working progress and we talked about what would look good with this colour.

As always we had a good look at pintrest and found this lovely image.

Helens a joining room has copper accessories so this colour will really complement the look.

Having got this far with it hopefully next week we might have a splash of copper. We also spoke about darkening down the pine to a more rustic look.

Having started to upcycle another chandelier this week its very pretty but not the dramatic look  i'm looking for so I have started to spray it matt black.

it looks so different. I do have a lot more work to do on this, Im planing to gold leaf the roses. I want to create a dramatic opulent look and of course add some trade mark tea cups.

I will be revealing this piece at the Good life show over the may bank holiday for more details follow this link, say "hello" if you pop along. to end this weeks blog I wanted to let you all know about the new series on BBC1 celebrity artist , I had only realised this was on when I saw Laurence chatting about it on Instagram, Im a bit of a Laurence llewelyn-bowen fan.

so I ended up watching all 3 episodes , love it!

I cant wait till next week and Laurence is in the finals, my favourite pieces were Laurence's and Jane Seymour's portraits they were brilliant.

Celebrity Painting Challenge Series 1 aired on BBC  is "The Human Form".

have a look at the link below its worth a watch. Thats it from us this week Helen and I will be back next weekwith more inspiration and ideashave a good Easter weekendCas and Helen the Bobbetts.

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