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Bobbetts Blog No 31, Upcycling Animal.

This week I'm on my own as Easter is nearly upon us and Helen is still knee deep in dogs, hopefully just the fur!

So I've decided to do this week's blog on Upcycling or Recycling some of you may say.

I'm a real advocate of buying things from Charity shops buy and sell sites and even snapping up the odd freebie's. It all started in my student days wandering around the streets of Farnham looking for a bargain and that has never left me.

Its a good way of getting interesting objects that still deserve to be loved at really good prices, we live in such a throw away society.

My recent purchases have been a lovely cabinet for our newly decorated living room, I was given a beautiful mirror last week and of course I've been on the hunt for Chandeliers for my upcycling projects.

Have you seen the latest feed on our social media pages you would have seen.

That I've been asked to take part in the The Good Life show and demonstrate my upcycling skills. I was put forward by Charis Williams from salvage sister follow the link to find out more.

I was chosen as Charis loved my chandelier and Bird bath images.

So I've been on the hunt for objects to use and show at the Good Life event. I now have several chandeliers.To some it's a pile of junk to me they are magical I've always loved things that glitter and sparkle, maybe that's why I worked so long in the Jewellery trade.My imagination is endless I'm currently working on several. My first glass piece which is proving a challenge, a leopard print design which I'm very excited about. I have plans for a gothic with gold leaf piece which I hope to show you in next week's blog, a bird and butterfly piece.

Here's some pics of me working on the leopard print one.

first I had to cut a large hole in the ceramic cup, this is very tricky. I had to make sure it all fitted and then I applied a base coat of bronze paint this has to be a heat resistant paint.

Next step was to start adding the spots and wow this took a long time and I started to see spots!!

The black outline really pulled the design together.

After many hours  of work the piece is really coming together,

still some work to do on it but you get the idea.I wasn't sure at first but now I'm loving it.

I love watching money for nothing, restoration workshop and some of my favourite  upcycler's today are  hub cap artist.

Ptolemy Elrington – The Upcycling Designer of The Awesome Hubcap Animals.

These have inspired me, maybe I can  do something similar with plates? Im already thinking about a water feature with them.

Another Amazing artist who's pieces  are very inspiring is Zoe Pocock, a former celebrity nail technician who now runs Brockley-based furniture upcyclers Muck N Brass, I love these lights by her.

and this is the lovely Charis Williams who you can also see demonstrating at the Goodlife show.

these are  some upcycled pallets made into  letters.

I hope I have  inspired you to to upcycle and not always think new as this can give you a more creative  home.

Well thats it from me this week I hope you have been inspired and I look forward to working with Helen next year.

Cas Bobbett.

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