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Bobbetts Blog No 30, Paws and Opening doors,

What a week !

it's week 30 of the Bobbett's Blog and we have seen almost tropical weather followed by wind, rain and now snow, bizarre to say the least. This week has been very up and down with the Bobbett's with some disappointment but it's made us open our eyes to other opportunities and being asked to take part in a very exciting new venture! All will be revealed soon when we have more details, Its the last week on the Upholstery course, and we have a quick re cap on what we have achieved.

We also show you how to make an easy piece of unique art with the help of several furry friends.  Our pawfect memory art.

How we did it!

First you will need a model or several, I had the help of my furry family. 

These are my fur babies, yes! I have a few.

Using a mould making sponge or you can use oasis that you use for flower displays press your pets paws gently but firmly into the sponge then lift out.

You should be left with a perfect paw indentation then mix up some plaster which was purchased at Hobby craft

I recommend you do several paws and use up all the plaster.

if you have as many pets as we do , its a good idea to  label them, you can use this same technique with baby feet, hands and almost everything.

Leave  them to dry for 24hrs

When your happy they are completely dry,  remove the sponge material from around the plaster.

We then decided to paint them using a bronze colour to make them look like metal.

We let them dry again for a couple of hours

Then we decided to display them in a frame, they have pride of place on our family memory shelf. I covered the back of the frame with some pretty paper.

Upholstery update.

So it's the last week of the course and even thou we haven't got a completed piece, we have enough knowledge to tackle most modern pieces.

Danny our lovely tutor feels we have done really well and said when she saw us bringing in the projects she hoped we were not beginners!

Of Course we were!

The Gothic style piece has transformed from a dull drab piece,

Almost looking unrecognisable the arms and cushion are still needing to be pinked up, Phil and I buttoned the back  and temporary tacked it. fastening the buttons so we could get those diamond folds just right.

Phil is carrying on with the course next term so we will get some updates on how the project is going.Its the start of Easter term in the Cas and Helen household and things are as mad as ever,  Helen will not be joining us as she's knee deep in kids and furry kid duty hopefully she be back the following week.

Well that's it for this week next week I will be looking at upcycling with my  vintage china or I might be in search of a bargain and will tell you more about the opportunity.

See you soon Cas Helen and special guest Phil. x

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