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Bobbetts Blog No 29 Easter Bunnies and Bunting

Welcome to week 29 of the Bobbetts Blog, lots of things have been going on at the Best of British Boutique this week, we are working with Sister's Margaret and Sally who's soft furnishings are featured in this week's Blog. As the weather here in the UK is getting better we felt inspired to do a seasonal holiday blog and the next one in our calendar is Easter. Taking inspiration from week 27 Blog, Explosion of colour.

Our decorated eggs inspired this week's Easter Photo shoot to show off some of the Artist's Talent.

In true Bobbett's style Helen and I had lots of giggles, coffee talked about exciting future opportunities and plans for our blog. This week I have felt my head bursting with ideas.

What we did today

The first thing I did, when I got to the photo shoot location was that I decided we needed to get more props I had managed to source some forsythia from my mums garden the day before, but more was needed for the shoot so off Helen went to a friend's garden to loot the blossom.We had several pieces of work from new B.O.B artists Margaret and Sally.

They make beautiful springtime / Easter inspired bunting with matching runners. They also make seasonal and colour themed bunting. These are all available to buy, just  keep a look out in the what’s new section!!

The tea stands available to buy are featured in the blog we filled the tea stands with lots of delicious treats. These stands are also available to buy. As you can see we helped ourselves to a few after an afternoons work.

To set the stage for the photo shoot we also added some soft furnishing pieces, beautiful patch work blankets.

A mint green knotted baby blanket. A beautiful bunting cushion by Helen follow the links for more details on the items.

The farm House kitchen table was also upcycled by Helen using a mix of white grey and green Chalk paint. Helen provides an upcycling paint service through B.O.B for more information follow the link

Such an easy but beautiful way to decorate your home over the Easter holidays and I'm sure the family would enjoy the treats.

This weeks upholstery update

So its an exciting week this week for the first time we took the whole roll of top material into class. As soon as we got there we made a start on finishing the second arm and stapling down the calaco, Phil and I covered the buttons that are needed for the padded decoration on the chair.

cutting out the material for the button.

pressing the button cover into place.

dadaaaaa!! a complete button

Only nine to go!!!! we then added some top padding to the back and cut the back material to size after carefully measuring the button as shown.

We then had to secure the first two buttons with twine this is just temporary to get the buttons and folds in place using scraps of material to fastening in place at the back.

as you can see it is really taking shape.

The last thing I would like to share with you this week is we have finally put up the Alice in wonderland chandelier, I make these with phil they are all bespoke contact us here or through the site for more details.

well thats it for this week we hope you have enjoyed the read.

Cas, Helen and Phil x

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