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Bobbetts Blog No 28 Thrift shop's & Tea

it's week 28 of the Bobbetts Blog and here we are close to home on a creative walk about in Dorking, West Street is filled with lots of treasures while the rest of Dorking can be mistaken for many British High Streets. West Street has a flurry of Antique shops, salvage shops, interior design outlets crafts jewellers and textile outlets. Its a Bobbetts feast to feed our creative hunger ,oh and the Tearooms are a must to enjoy.

We started our adventure at the lower end of West Street popping into Westcott and William to buy some lacquer and accessorising knobs for a draw project.

Then we moved onto an amazing shop dedicated to soft crafting. Helen bought some tassel's for another project whilst I looked at upholstery edging ideas, an amazing shop with lots of crafting ideas, We could have stayed all day and played. Ribbons material crochet felting just some of the crafts available here.

As we walked up West Street the window displays filled us with a sense of childhood wonderment. A proprietor had just salvaged a large collections of items from a garden estate in Guildford., They looked just as if they had come out of a secret garden that was left to overgrow. I loved this window, oversized pieces that tell a story.

A vivairum with moss over it, I thought this was beautiful not Helens taste but that's why we work together as we have very different styles.

We stopped off in another shop very industrial themed pieces again bursting with ideas. I think helen likes that light?

We treated ourselves to a cup of tea and cake whilst out the other great thing about Dorking is it's Tea rooms.

We had a giggle at the teapot very British a bit of Corrie!

After a couple of hours we were feeling tired out from all the creative ideas, We chatted about next weeks blog, one not to miss an Easter Display photos shoot. As we said goodbye to Dorking this caught our eye, some Easter inspiration.

I also have an update on the upholstery course so far.

Our lesson this week involved securing the arms foam with calico.

First we had to measure correctly then we cut the calico to size

Using the tacking nails to secure the calico only when you are completley happy you can  then staple

the cuts around the back of the chair were a challenge remembering to cut into it as a Y shape.

Cutting a Y shape cut to fit the material round neatly.

This part of the Upholstery journey was quite time-consuming but the result was good

You can really see the chair coming back to life.

That's it's from Helen and I this week, If you have any questions about the work or the Bobbetts Contact us here at

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