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Bobbetts blog No 27 Eggplosion of colour.

Can you believe it we are now into mid March and the next big Holiday of the year is fast approaching, We have decided to start on some Easter decorations that you can make at home.

We looked at many different ideas but the egg trees were our favourite. Our inspiration came from Pinterest, of course we are doing it in our own style over lots of coffee and giggles. This weeks Upholstery up date we reveal the colour and oh yes its bright.

Egg tree from Pinterest

We also took a look at Hobby crafts idea, and decoupaging

So Helen and I decided to have a go we had bought some glass eggs a couple of weeks ago on a visit to the range

What you will need to make some beautiful egg decorations.

You will need glass eggs from the Range or Hobby craft and real eggs, preferably that have had their insides removed

The natural eggs Helen decoupaged them using pretty napkins and mod podge. We both just thought we would try different ideas with the glass ones,

Helen covered hers with glitter by using Mod podge first on the egg and then submerging the eggs into bags of glitter, so pretty.

Using some rhinestones on another and decoupaged the inside base of one with some  napkins and added fake leaves in another, we will be also adding small Easter eggs inside each one. I added some really pretty ribbon to each of mine.

I also painted some pine cones with some left over paint Bramwell green and they look so pretty together.

The end result was a lot better than we had expected an eggplosion  (sorry for that had to do it) of colour and Easter glamour and we don't look too bad either????

Upholstery up date

This week we really see a start in the rebuild of the chair its time to put the first piece of fabric in place which involved a simple piece of sewing but for someone like me who has not touched a sewing machine in 30yrs it was a bit scary but i'm feeling proud of myself.

a bit of testing on the machine, then I cut out the pattern using the old base as a template.

so as you can I'm switching the drab brown for a vibrant loud magenta from clarke and clarke range, Its very marmite with the choice of colour on the wood work but Phil and I love it.

once the fabric was sewn we added some padding then tacked the material to the wood cutting the fabric back as we went. We had to add more stuffing at the front this is to soften the sitting at the back of the legs the Magenta is a flap with stuffing added in it.

We then pulled the show material over this and tacked then stapled it in to place.

We are so pleased with the result,

thats it from us this week I know I promised to show you the living room but delays have happened as we are waiting for paint from the supplier, so the big reveal is now next week.Thats it from us we will be back next week.Helen Cas and honorary Bobbett Phil

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