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Bobbetts Blog No 26 Dark style and Decor.

Week 26, after our trip to IKEA last week and seeing what was trending, we have been inspired by the dark style theme. This has given me a push  to get on with my interior projects and how after a disaster with a bespoke mixed paint has been successfully transformed with help from Helen and Annie Sloan Chalk paint. The Dark style is really pulling together.

patchy paint this has not been mixed properly

The disaster patchy paint and different colours, I was not happy! and I will not be using the bespoke paint service at a very large DIY store again.Helen has come to my rescue and we are now using Annie sloan Aubusson we giggled as normal drank lots of coffee and got covered in blue paint.

re painting the doors

Accessorising a room

is the key to making the room a real statement that's why Helens Bespoke side table shown in week 24 blog works so well.

The glass dome from IKEA was used to display a couple of precious items and a styled design. This is how I did it.

What you will need a shell to use as a base. Carefully selected fake flowers. Gorrila glue. A screw to make a hole in the shell.

Glue the flowers in to  the base let them set then glue shell to base of dome. Make sure the flowers fit well inside the base of dome.

When your happy with the display, you can add in a couple of small prize possessions such as my Baccarat glass butterfly given to me as a leaving gift from a job and a Lalique Snail that my husband bought for me many years before we were married from that iconic store Harrods,  any personal treasure can be used animal or insect themes work particularly well with the flower display.

The finished piece, I recently made  a Christmas present for my quirky best friend using a similar dome with a taxidermy mole and frosted fake berries it looked amazing, Shes amazing too and I know she loved her gift. You can go really wild with your ideas, "your imagination is only the limit".

My Living room still has a lot of work needed, but the painting of the walls have started in a dark grey blue colour, I have used bronze accessories a mirror, lamps and  detailing of panels have had a  penny bronze colour used. It has all started to really pull together, but you will have to wait until next week to see the end result.

Upholstery Update.

This week's upholstery update is on how we finished our webbing and are now ready to start rebuilding.

We kept the foam at the back of the chair and decided to add new foam on the arms before we did that we had to add on some hessian over the webbing.OK it's still not perfect but I think it's hard to get a dead even finish with Chalk paint on such a large surface.

We used the old hessian as a template.

Folded over the edge temporary tacking to begin with and then stapled into place.

After this was done we used a firm foam to gut out the arms overlay of foam. Using some of the old foam in place as it was still in good shape underneath.

Next week we will start with the calico underlay material to hold this all in place.technique for cutting the foam, the best way to cut foam is with a bread knife.

Thats it from us this week,

bye for now Cas and Helen , Phil was also featured i n this weeks blog .

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