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Bobbetts Blog No 25 Meatballs and makeover.

This week we decided to go a little further a field with our blog, out of the Surrey Hills into the suburbs of South London Can you guess where we are the large chimney behind us might give it away?

It's week 25 of our blog a silver anniversary to some so we are celebrating with a little lunch date first. Yes you guessed it we are at IKEA and trying out their infamous meatballs!

So we decided to see whats trending in affordable households and what better way than to see what the Swedes are up to.

It's been a good few years since we have been here and straight away we noticed the better use of luxury look fabrics.

Something for everyone the palm print is very on trend at the moment.

Surprisingly #darkstyle which we have talked about in so many previous blogs   ( take a look on Pinterest )had  a big impact throughout the store not so much blonde wood, now a darker theme with opulent furnishings chandeliers and a luxurious feel.Domed display cases on the mantle. These look great with displays in, a couple got put into our big IKEA yellow bags, you can do so much with these, from displaying small fake floral displays or shells to a more daring taxidermy piece.

Dark furniture

This was a theme throughout with gold, brass  and rattan accessories. Fake plants seemed to be very prominent throughout the store, personally we prefer real ones and it was always a joke with my husband Phil, are you going to bring a plant home to kill! Well the choice of living plants is minimal and now its all about the fake! Is this the sign of our busy lifestyles?

Lighting ideas

IKEA has always had some very impressive lighting design Helen and I loved these, could we make one?

Flooring ideas.

IKEA now do a range of flooring tile ideas, wooden and artificial grass, very interesting and looks easy to install.

We love these industrial style cabinets maybe for the studio eventually?

It was a giggle today the sun was out we chatted joked, Helen loved the fake grass fake was everywhere.

This room layout really caught our eye the use of bold pattern was being shown throughout the store in small pockets.

We had so many inspiring moments one idea we really loved was this small chair coat hook. So we are on the look out for some dolls house furniture to make a funky coat rack we are sure we can add a Bobbetts glamour to it.

So we spent a small fortune each and came back with lots of things we didn't really need a typical IKEA trip as I remember it. I did get a small plant to hopefully not kill, Helen got some too and ohh I did go fake with these lovely lupin style flowers, maybe another bird bath project?

Upholstery update

Whilst we were on our mission , Phil the better looking Bobbett( his words not ours ) has been working on the Upholstery project at home It has been strengthened. Filled with wood filler and rubbed down.

L shape brackets and a new brace have been  put in as the frame was moving.

Two coats of Chalk paint have been applied in true Cas and Phil style we are going unconventional using florence by Annie sloane, I dry brushed an antique gold onto the paint when it was dry to highlight the carved wood.In the next blog we will be showing you how we did the webbing. Original to updated

Well that's week 25 blog we hope you have enjoyed the read. We have had a New Artist join us on Bob this week, Martin a Crystal light artist take a look at his amazing work That's it from us this week. Cas, Helen oh and gorgeous Phil

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