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Bobbetts Blog No 23, One mans junk is another girls dream.

Its week 23 of the Bobbett's blog and here we are again out on an inspiration trip to our local recyling centre,

its a sunny bright morning and everyone seems to be in a good mood the distant memory of snow has gone and spring is on its way.

Another week at the upholstery course and the chair is slowly getting there. We are now at the stage where the frames need to be repaired and painted. Im very excited as Phil and I have ordered the fabric and the material, but that wont be revealed this week.

We payed a trip to inside the interior design shop and we are so happy with our material and paint choice.

Helens back with me this week and we decided to take a trip out to the Leatherhead recycling centre. Helen was looking for a piece of furniture that she could make a statement with. Im looking for quirky designs to make something for an outside inside living space with spring in the air.

 Our upcycle choices

Helen decided to go with two pieces of furniture after having a good couple of looks around.It's funny we both thought at first there was nothing to grab our attention.On the second look things started to pop out.Helen went for the half round console table thinking it would suit a glam dark overhaul.The table nest she wasn't quite sure but felt she could do something really interesting with it.

I decide on several items, Vintage china plates, teacup,teapot and I treated my self to the beautiful vase , just right for the roses Helen had bought me xx

My hallway at home with todays finds and the restored plaster relief of the station of the cross which can be seen in  Bobbetts Blog No 2.  I am looking at something I could use on some large candle sticks, that I have had in my workshop for a while.I had an outside inside design moment, maybe a plant stand or bird bath?


We both looked at pintrest for inspiration and found a couple of ideas, feeling inspired with thinking outside the box and vintage glam feel we have missed the making part of our work and today we have felt very inspired.

Inspiration ideas for Helens projects.

Inspiration for my projects.


I have also been back to the upholstery course this week and have spent another week of stripping back the staples and nails,The chair is looking a lot cleaner and nearly ready for the next stage

I also learnt about the different types of sponge and what they are used for.

We have already ordered a meter of the  blue for the arms this was ordered through the tutor at the college.the blue is a firm used for arms and seating.  The  different colours and numbers represent firmness which are used for different furniture parts. Well thats it for this week we have had another busy day and look forward to creating pieces with our finds in the next blog. Helen and Cas. ( The Bobbettts )

Recommendations this week

INSIDE 32 CHERTSY RD CHOBHAM SURREY GU24 8PQ TEL 01276 856441 Thank you to the recycling centre and team at Leatherhead Surrey.

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